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Word UniversePlay the amazing word game Word Universe for 10 min a day to sharpen your mind and boost your energy! Start connecting the letters!

Solve word puzzles with stunning backgrounds while improving your vocabulary. Brain puzzle games such as word cross games are wonderful for your brain. Now you can prove your word puzzle skills!

Complete your word puzzle journey through staggering landscapes. Each level gets progressively harder and is always unique so you enjoy both a challenge and a remarkable landscape.

Guess the word to solve puzzles without lifting your finger, find hidden words and surprises along the way! You will surely enjoy this word search journey.

Word Universe is a super fun spelling game, easy to play and well crafted. You will always be able to have fun at any moment!

Relax visiting Word Universe’s beautiful landscapes
Brag about your vocabulary skills! Find all hidden words
Your daily dose of brain training
Progressive levels which become more challenging as you play
Enjoy a simple and beautiful game design

You will love Word Universe if you like casual games, such as card games, crosswords, jigsaw puzzles, dominoes, puzzle games and other relaxing games.

Write back to us with any issues or suggestions, we love to have your feedback.

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Word Universe user reviews :

Played to level 1,000 then uninstalled it. Very basic game with limited vocabulary. Does not recognize many actual words. Lots of repeated words from puzzle to puzzle. Puzzles use abbreviations at times which are not real words. Levels do not increase with difficulty unfortunately. Overall an average game that kills some time here and there. Nice graphics/photos in the background. Ads are annoying. Not worth paying 5 bucks to get rid of them though.

I began to think I was losing my ability to spell, reason, or use my brain in any meaningful way. But since using this app, I ‘ve discovered there’s still fire in the attic. Thanks for a wonderfully challenging, enjoyable, and unpredictable puzzle solving game.

Game is great. Effect could be great. Visuals are lovely. But, ads & interruptions are so constant that effects can’t actually be felt. Instead of achieving what was promised, the game actually induces frustration & irritation. I realize free apps will have ads, but this is over the top. Can’t even play for a sec or 2 without interruptions. It’s too much. I will uninstall, but my advice to others is do paid version, or there are other similar games which aren’t as invasive & irritating.

The game Is good, but it keeps having the same words over and over and over again! Also one only had to put a finger anywhere near one of the always present ads, and it will open. So annoying!

Challenging but not to hard. Very relaxing before bed time. The best word game I have found. Very much enjoy the changing backgrounds. Thank you very much Word Universe.

It is very fun on your down time. If you are having problems remembering things short-term or long-term this is a very good brain workout to help those issues. Very recommended very well done. Have a very good time playing it if you choose to download this game. GREAT JOB CREATORS AND EVERYONE WHO WORKED TO PUT THIS GAME TOGETHER!!!

Very addictive! Helps the ability to recall basic spelling skills. Also aids the recognition of scrambled letters to form complete words. It’s amazing how many words can be found within very few letters. If one enjoys playing Scrabble, this game can be played alone or used to sharpen word recognition.

Like all games this one has ads, but the cost to drop the ads is less than in most. The tournaments are not onerous and are just background, unless that is your thing. The simple rewards give you more hints im case you get stuck. All good.

This would be a very nice word game but two adds at a time after each play and then you watch adds if there available for coins after the add it sends you back to the Play Store your logged out of the game unfortunately you lose the coins I watched 8 adds before it actually gave me the coins Word Universe is about the adds not the game itself I understand all free games have adds but don’t let adds rule the game itself it’s very stressful on the player’s

I find it very entertaining and educational. I really appreciate not having a lot of ads!!! It helps with memory. Teaches new words. The more you play and learn, the better you get at the game!!! I have spent many an hour playing this game because it definitely helps with anxiety. This game is probably the best game out there. Very helpful!

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