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WordList – Visual Learning.

Learn English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese for free with Flashcards.

Practice and learn with Courses, Exams, Vocabulary, Dictionary and Translator.

Courses to learn English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese with Flashcards.
Lessons to learn English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese with Flashcards.
Grammar to learn English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese with Flashcards.
Phonetics to learn English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese with Flashcards.
Vocabulary to learn English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese with Flashcards.
English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese dictionary with more than 10 thousand words per language.
Translate words and texts in English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese.
Five test types (look-choose-listen-write-speak) in English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese to improve your learning.


Learn languages fast with WordList. You can learn English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese easily with basic and advanced level courses. Designed for people of all ages who want to learn languages visually with flashcards.


Dictionary with more than 10,000 words in each language (English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese) to learn words with flashcards, audios and grammar explanations.
English Dictionary – Spanish Dictionary – French Dictionary – Italian Dictionary – Portuguese Dictionary.


We make it easy to learn English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese with our dictionary. Expand your vocabulary and increase comprehension. With our flashcards, you can learn languages with ease. Learn new vocabulary with images, audio recordings and flashcards.
English Vocabulary – Spanish Vocabulary – French Vocabulary – Italian Vocabulary – Portuguese Vocabulary.


Translate words and texts. Learn and practice with our in-app translators.
English Translator – Spanish Translator – French Translator – Italian Translator – Portuguese Translator.


Learn English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese with flashcards. WordList makes it simple to learn languages with flashcards and audio for every new vocabulary word you learn. Especially great for the visual learner! Visual learners learn better with flashcards, so WordList has created more than 12,000 flashcards to help you learn and practice English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. Every image has been diligently created to help you memorize new vocabulary quickly and easily.


Practice and test your learning level with exams in English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese to check and improve your listening, reading, and speaking skills. In our courses you will find exercises that will help you improve and exams that will test your language level.


Improve your language skills. Learn English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese with courses, exercises and exams. Flashcards, audios, texts, words, phrases and much more to learn anytime fast, free and easy.


Learn grammar and practice with our exams and exercises. Each flashcard contains explanations and other information for you to learn easily and fast. Each visual exercise makes it easy to learn and practice your language skills for free.


Easy to follow rules give you the tools and training to put your knowledge into practice and your vocabulary to use. Practice a few minutes every day and you’ll learn a new language in no time, no matter your English, Spanish, French, Italian or Portuguese level. New images and flashcards are being added constantly.

Learn English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese with WordList!

WordList Visual Learning user reviews :

It is a great app to improve vocabulary for Spanish learners like myself. I do recommend this app to anyone who is looking to broaden their span of vocabulary in Spanish. It has an amazing range of content and I wish you all a very happy learning. Hope you enjoy it just like i do!!!

  • Hello, Shyamlee! Thank you for your great feedback. We are so glad to know that you appreciate our amazing language learning tool! We are proud of our range of vocabulary, and passionately committed to expanding even further. Stay tuned!

Best application to learn a new language. The amount of content it’s outstanding. Learning through visuals is always a plus as it helps you memorize things faster. Thanks a lot.

Very good learning experience and tool. Just started can’t tell much but loving it. Google is having problem sometimes in voice recognition.

  • Hi, Samson! It is great to know that you are getting the most out of our one of a kind app. We are sorry to hear that you are having difficulty with the voice recognition feature. As it is sensitive technology, it requires perfect pronunciation. So, we encourage you to keep practicing.

Fun and intuitive way to learn Spanish, feels like a very natural way to learn becauee of the use of pictures , which convey the meaning rather than just words you try and memorize

  • Great, Enzo! We agree that the use of pictures is an optimal way to learn new concepts. Our goal is to make learning fun, easy, and engaging for users like you!

It’s such an amazing app. I can learn spanish step by step. If you did a mistake, you can’t continue to the next level. I really love this. The one thing i don’t like is too much ads in it.

My colleague at the school I work at recommend this app and I was very happy using it. It’s not the usual boring app I’ve used in the past and this is apparently still in the ‘beta’ stage, amazing, truly amazing.

This is a great app to practice english and improve your skills about it. It’s dynamic and has a beautiful interface.

I have only just started to use the app. I’m in Spain and have found the pronunciation of the words very good they are as they would be said here. Enjoying using the app. Please keep the use of it free.

  • Thanks Sue for your kind comment. We are glad that you are enjoying our product. It took us years to create all that content, that is why we have the largest flashcard collection in the world, is really satisfying to see that is being apreciated :) we expect to keep it always for free with ads with a paid option to remove them. Best!

One of the best apps ever installed for learning international languages..easy to learn in a very smooth manner and everything else is just amazing.. great job by this app team..keep rocking

  • Wow, thank you., Madhuri! We really appreciate your glowing feedback. We have put a lot of work into creating a language learning experience that is intuitive, fun, and effective. We would love to raise your rating to the maximum! Please, don’t hesitate to send any suggestions to feedback[at]wordlist.com.

Nice app so far. I haven’t been using it for long but I like it. The ” we want you” ad after every test is a little annoying but not detrimental.

  • Sorry about that ad, we are going to change it… the thing is that currently we are inmerse in major changes in the app that sure you will love and until we have them done we are not changing anything. Soon you will have the best app in the market! We are a small company so we must go with one thing at a time. Thx for your support and appreciatio

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