Dream Raiders – The forces of Chaos have reawakened

[Game] Dream Raiders

Dream RaidersCompete with players around the world anytime!

Long ago, the mad Lord of Discord invaded our world with his dark legions, spreading war and destruction across the land.

The Spirits, the protectors of our world, fought back and sealed the Lord of Discord within the Eternal Dream. With Chaos defeated at last, the Spirits’ heroic deeds faded into legend. Yet the Lord of Discord would not sleep forever…

The forces of Chaos have reawakened, and Lord Discord’s dark magic has imprisoned the Spirits into the Eternal Dream. Only you have the power to free the Spirits from this endless nightmare! Awaken the Spirits, unlock their heroic powers, and destroy Lord Discord once and for all!

In this free to play 3D real-time action RPG, you’ll build the ultimate team and take on the forces of evil in action-packed PvE, co-op, and PvP modes. Master the art of war with your favorite heroes’ unique skills and synergies, and prove your true skill with players from all over the world!

Key Features:
A fast-paced real-time 3D RPG with stunning animations and special effects
More than 70 distinct Heroes to collect, enhance, and customize
More than 300 unique combat skills to unleash devastating combos on your enemies
A campaign storyline that draws you into a vibrant world of dreams
Unlock powerful synergies with the Elemental Affinity and Hero Karma systems
It’s dangerous to go alone! Play online with friends in global co-op and competitive multiplayer
Show your true power in local and cross-server PvP Arena Wars – including the all-new 7v7 Chaos Fight mode
Daily events and constant content updates ensure that you’ll always have challenges to face

Note: This game requires a data connection to play.

Dream Raiders user reviews :

This is exactly the same game years ago called Spirit Guardian: Vanguard Rush with added features. Sad to say, it retains its unbalanced roster forcing almost all players to create same line up. They never update the graphics or address that half of the roster only speaks Korean. The redeeming side is even though its p2w, it is generous enough for f2p players. With nice control, UI and connection, this game is still alive. I recommend it especially if you like gatcha and team building games.

overall game is great. I give 4 stars because you cant skip tutorial.. you will have to redo tutorial even if you already have an account.

I’m an old player of this game and I wanna know my old server to login, My user name in the game maybe Anzuma or Anshu (try both of em), and lvl as well as I know was higher and good and guild’s name was Wonderland Pls give me my server back I request the team…

great game! wish these types of games could refresh twice daily

I love the game its been a while since i have played it

I love this game!!!! Put more Heros!!!!

How can find back my old account,my old account is athena now change to world 1 *2*3 till 78, how can i find it

I want my account back. How can I do?

OMG ive been waiting for too long. This game is my fav. Please make it easier to topup for indonesian player, codashop would be good. Thank u so much 4 taking this game back!

I found this to be an incredibly fun game. Even though pay to winners stand at the peak you can still get in the top 50 on a server and get rewards playing for free if you know what you’re doing.

I love this game, the only thing is that I can’t log into the account I had for some reason. It just keeps asking me to make a new game.

Graphics are good and smooth. My only problem is im late in latest server i cant make my character strong cause when new server release it past 2days before i download the game. Can you help me or tell me what date and time will new server release so i can play fairly to others. Thank You

Ok i am serious writing a review here about my opnion after playing this game for 2 day . The vip system is ok because of free gem but the only problem is event limited for late starter so those didnt start early will miss out lot of thing and most will think no early begin must quit or no fun if new server didnt came out yet then they will quit for real when they found other thing. When is new server out now?

I dont understand why i cant log on other account i have on another mobile. Is this means i cant swap accounts? If there is a way respond please.

I would like to start a new game, when will you start a new server? Got any FB page?

  • Hi Matt, awesome! We happy to see you :) Facebook: facebook.com/DreamRaidersMG

I love it ,but I lost my account I was binding it and I pushed the wrong button. Now it is bound but I can’t find it. And it won’t let me binding a new one please help AriesAngel is the account

Good game, but I don’t know how to have 12 slot for stone in equipment to active the attribute of Compass, I see only have 9 slot…that’s wrong!

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