Merge Hotel – Decorate a hotel and merge puzzles

[Game] Merge Hotel – Makeover Design

Merge HotelWould you like to design an exotic and amazing hotel?
Show us what you got at Merge Hotel.

Merge Hotel is a game of a fun new genre where you get to decorate a hotel and merge puzzles.
Create an awesome hotel with a unique design.

Game features:

Merge to create new items
Merge to make new decorations! Continue merging to get diverse decorations.

Hidden items
Find new items hidden behind boxes and cobwebs. Merge them to find even more decorations.

Decorate hotel
Decorate hotel rooms in various themes. Diverse themes for hotel view, hotel lobby, restaurant, premium rooms, etc. are waiting for you!

Install now and play anytime, anywhere even without Internet connection!

Shall we go merge some items?

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Merge Hotel user reviews :

I left a review in April and wasn’t answered.I stopped playing for a few months but installed the game starting over.I have at least two of every item….. 2 sewing baskets, and the most is laundry…4.Only because I refuse to merge them.I am almost done with the last room. The other rooms are still TBA.Without new rooms, it is hard to gain enough experience points to advance.Versus taking 1-3 days to advance, it can take weeks.I am close to the end of this level.I will be starting over again.

I do enjoy this game, however I sent an email message to try to reclaim my sewing basket that was sold in error. I have not heard anything back but this could have been the place to leave a message. I am not able to proceed in the game to even get a trunk that may have bowls to update what I already have. Besides this, I really do enjoy the game.

  • Hello, Thank you for enjoy game. Sewing Baskets can be purchased for Gold through the Shop > Limited amount or for Cash in Bundle products. Thank you.

Playing 3 to 5m each time is getting me frustrated, and to only put a new item which was a flower vase,12 stars for that??? At least I would like to know what I’m playing for,sometimes there’s no difference at all and give me 12 or more stars that I can’t even see what it was for!!! I don’t know how much longer I will play this game.

I really like this game. It offers you several ways to get further in the game via watching Ads. I do wish we could choose our designs though.

The game is OK, but gets boring very quickly. You don’t get to make any choices. It just colors stuff in or adds to the decor.

It went from 5 to 2. Every round that is played produces less and less. You’ve set it up for failure. Too bad because it was my favorite merge game.

  • Hello N.M McGregor. Can you tell me which ones produce less? We would appreciate it if you could provide a little more detail to support[at] Have a nice day

Wonderful easy game that is fun to play with no ads . Please add more rooms/ outside areas to decorate. Keep up the great team work

  • Hello! Rebeca Dix. More space to decorate will be updated soon. Thank you for your interest and love!

Here’s your customer feedback. Make this application like mergedom home design with half and half decorations. Where you add some and we ave also a choice of what we also want please. On your next update.

When are more rooms going to be added? It is hard to level up to receive the rewards. It just keeps saying, To Be Released?

I enjoy this game very much but seem to have reached the end for now. Level 44, finished the laundry room. I’m hoping new rooms will become available soon.

i think it has lots of possibilities, thus two stars BUT i can’t get the first item to merge.

  • Hello Brianna Keller. Can you tell me which item it is? We will try to make better updates. Have a nice day!

There’s no problem with this game. I built a hotel in this game and enjoyed merging and renovating so much.

nice graphics! fun and relaxing game to play.

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