20th century – Enter the role of a ruler of the 20th century country

[Game] 20th century – alternative history

20th century  You wish to become an emperor, a king or a president? This game is just what you are looking for.

You can enter the role of a ruler of the 20th century country. You have everything to write a new history. The game has no world wars, nuclear attacks on Japanese cities… Our aim is not to create a plot based on history. Our goal is to give you an opportunity to write your very own history! In this new history, are you a peacekeeper or an aggressor? It is up to you to decide!

Gameplay key features:

Over 60 countries you can rule;
Build an army and a fleet;
Wage wars against other countries, fight separatism and looting
Territory colonizing;
Gain resources: oil, iron, stone, lead, rubber etc;
Produce food products: salt, meat, bread, flour etc.;
Non-aggression pacts, trade agreements and embassies;
Law and religion management;
the League of Nations.

Epic military strategy of incredible scale. Are you ready to defend your homeland?

20th century user reviews :

Great game, wonderfull RTS mechanics. It takes a little time to get a feel for the game but after playing for a few hours it’s pretty casual to play. You have to keep track of the production of resources(food , building materials , natural resources and military equipment). Maintain relationships with your allies and engage in wars or be a beacon of peace in 20th century Europe.

Excellent game!!! Could use some tweaks, but all in all a good game. One main suggestion is a bit better of a tutorial and better help and FAQ section. Highly recommend this game!

Its a pretty good game but there are many problems with it as well. Like how the tutorial doesnt teach you much at all and that. The ai can just roundhouse kick you within a short period of time and apparantly. It feels like the defensive pact’s usuall mean nothing like if i get invaded usually the country who has a defence pact does absolutly nothing.

My only major problem is the oil mechanic. Infantrymen need oil to be used, which 1, makes no logical sense and 2, makes it so that you need a rediculous amount of oil to actually stand any chance of winning a war. I suggest you change it so that infantry no longer require oil to move. My next, more minor issue is the with the World Congress. The “ban wars” and “prohibit annexation” bills should only be able to be proposed once every decade.

Awesome Game, I first play it on a device, but it usually crash if i open the map, but now, i didn’t encounter crashing again. the gameplay is awesome, first you play it it very hard but whit time, this game is easy to play. a great game for peaople that like math, economy and strategy

It’s a really good game, one of the best of the mobile war games along with all their other games. Although there is a few problems, when war is prohibited it only effects the player, and all other countries can still attack you whenever wanted. Also it takes alot of adds to actually get far, I’m fine with watching adds occasionally but they’re pretty much required due to taxes having many negitive effects. I reccomend to either make the rewards for adds better or add alternative ways.

The game is great it is very fun, but I wish we could have a two player option other from I like the game.

I’m really sorry for giving this rating. I really loved Modern Age but this wasn’t what I was expecting for this game. I wanted the whole map, actually. This map is kinda like the map during the 1600’s and not the 20th century since it never included the whole world to be exact. It’s disappointing. I hope this catches your attention.

Great game but please decrease the time taken for military campaigns and make the brigands and the pirates weaker. At points they become stronger than any other country which is fully illogical.

A great game. I would like to split countries as i want after defeating that country. Therefore rebellions can be reduced. Also i like to make forward bases and fortifications, therefore i will not have to wait to attack countries too far. And please automate some trade options therefore players can get additional revenue from trade.

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