Age of World Wars – Be a panzer general

[Game] Age of World Wars

Age of World Wars  A FREE turn based STRATEGY game uses the engine of AGE OF STRATEGY but now in the World War II with US, German and Russian nations!

Be a panzer general yourself and win the tank battles!

It is in BETA! -> First BETA version is published! Please join the development in balancing, making maps/units and have FUN!

Campaigns, random games and MULTIPLAYER games are waiting for you!
Join the FORUM to suggest changes/unit types for the game! We have votes monthly on new unit types!

GEMS: need gems? Help us building very nice skirmish or campaign maps and i can send u many gems in reward – email me if you are interested!

NOT a PAY TO WIN game! The in-app payment option is for donation only.

FORUM opened for the game! (check it in the game or here: )!

The game is a Retro looking “8-bit” game, so it is not very pretty, no much fancy animations, this is PURE GAMEPLAY ORIENTED turn based strategy.

100 Campaign maps (Historical ones too!)
30 random maps
many unit types
many technologies to invent (it is in development)
multiplayer game (with option to coop against AI-s)
rewarding systems: collecting stars, collecting gems for unlocking new unit/building types

UNIT REQUESTS: there are many requests for new units and unique units, I am pretty open to this since it is pretty easy to setup a new unit. Please join the forum and put there the idea and i will make it!

If u install it
be kind with the rating, since this app is in the middle of growing
feel free to send me any suggestions on any part of the game (gameplay, units, unit-properties, new unit suggestions, graphics)
If u would like to take part in creating this game (eg. graphics, translation, ideas) send me an email.

What to do:
1. Create a game (select map, set colors, players, teams)
1.1. OR start a Campaign
2. play it
5. send me suggestions.

Have fun!

Also see our list

Age of World Wars user reviews :

Very cool game that put your strategy in some diferent types of units in a pixel art game… some few bugs that dont make any sense as a example in real life the US infatry cannot atack back a plane

The game is solid. It’s fun! Even though and the upgrade tree is not organized well, I love the airplanes and scores of ground units available to use. Also, buying the same unit upgrade for each nation is VERY irritating and costly. It would be nice if you could buy an upgrade ONCE and get the unit for every nation. Even so, thank you Dev for your dedication to this game!
  • Zero Touch group
  • hi! land mines: i thought i have fixed it already, so land mines will not damage planes, email me if u see other way. Unit descriptions: please email me which is not good, i will fix! thanks! Same unit upgrade for all nations: those are different units and mostly with different stats (or later will get different stats) – so that was intentional.

I really do like this game in practice I think it could use a little bit of polishing up (unit animations, HP bar, maybe a supply bar, more to research and maybe upgrade particular units like a KV 1 to a KV 2) but I think it’s on the right track! I also think there should be a better tutorial it gives you the basics but not quite all the fine points you need to understand exactly what’s going on at first but stick with it and it’s very much like a turn based RedAlert!!!

Very good game, feels like a complete game. Playing the campaigns are difficult but you can practice your strategies in skirmishes before tackling the regular campaigns. “In app purchases” are considered donations. I personally never buy anything in app, but this game was an exception. You can earn the gold needed by for upgrades through playing relatively easy to, so when the developers said it’s not a pay to play game, they were truthful in that

The game is good its self. Its the players that dont make there turns while creating matches most i went to were all offline in the rooms so now stuck on three maps hoping for the other players to finally take there turns also i think it would help out if you cut the time of waiting for each player so i mean from 24 hours to 12 hours it would be less of a pain waiting on people. And maybe make the players stand up to play or not to. Just like it warns you about in the start of match making……
  • ZeroTouchSystems
  • Hi! Yes, this is how this goes on slow pace setup games, but u have some other options: you can set down to 30 minutes of waiting, also you can wait for an online fellow and play real-time-online (you see his movements and so on – so no waiting). Try these and have fun! thanks! daniel

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