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[Game] Athletics Mania – Track & Field Summer Sports

Athletics Mania  Join a competition in track and field events.

Running, jumping, throwing, pentathlon, heptathlon or decathlon, you can play all of these in Athletics Mania. Train, improve your skills, show your talent and win a gold medal in the biggest stadiums around the world. Do you have what it takes to stay on top of leaderboards and rankings in this summer sports game?

Athletics Mania: Track & Field is an action sports game with RPG, simulation and manager elements. You can control, improve and train your athlete as you see fit. You decide everything that goes on – improve your attributes, buy better equipment, learn new skills, build up your club with your team, defeat opponents from all across the world, win tournaments and be at the top rank of the leaderboards. You can play either singleplayer or multiplayer with your friends and team members. Prepare yourself on a track and run! The stadium is waiting for the best athletes, jump into the game and play.

The game includes the following track and field disciplines:

100m sprint
110m hurdles
400m sprint
Long jump
High jump
Triple jump
Discus throw
Javelin throw
Hammer throw
Pole vault
Shot put

The features of the game include:
Real famous athletes
Competitions against players from all over the world
RPG elements
Career mode with a story
Diverse minigames that will test your skills
Clubs and club competitions against real players

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Athletics Mania user reviews :

Fun game, mini games are interesting and varied, but they’ve lost the motivation to program decent graphics. They also have something in place to make whatever you need much less likely to appear. Need to gain 80 ranking points in triple jump for an achievement? You can play the 3 jumping games you have available as much as you like, but triple jump might appear 2 times in 30 attempts (real numbers). Need to get more Starts for an achievement? You’ll not get them from Grand Prizes (4/48).

Fun game but a bit repetitive. Still enjoy playing alot though. Would really like to know if/when the 1500 metre race will ever be released.
  • Hello and thanks for your review! As for the updates, check out our social pages, all the latest info about updates and news are there
Very fun game, but I wish they had more events, and let you choose once you unlock them.
  • Hi! Thanks for your review and suggestion, we’re constantly working on improvements.
I love this game especially since I am a Track and field athlete. Only thing I don’t like is the fact that it takes me 10,000 plus XP just to get to the next level and you can only get 100 XP from super competition and if you’re in 1st place, all in all I’ve been playing since it came out and I love it.
  • Hello, thank you for your feedback. If you have any other problems, complaints, suggestions or questions please write to support[at] Our support team will gladly help you.
Am rating the game 3star because it a very slow progress game ,the 400m is kindoff very difficult,I was expecting it to be an offline game Nevertheless it a very interesting game especially the 100m,so please help make adjustments in the data consumption please.thanks
  • Thank you. Enjoy the game.
Good game ,takes practice, work and perseverance to win championships and will be on for long times to accomplish goals, spend some cash and can get competitive quickly, enjoy the missed opportunities and close victories ,bugs along the way ,such is life nothing is perfect,if you yearn to be competitive come join the fun.
  • Thank you. Enjoy the game.
Very heavy on data usage (>200mb per hour) you can easily use over a gb of data in a day playing this game. Surely all graphics and audio should be stored on device with minimal data use during gameplay.
  • Thanks for your suggestion.
I just started to play but looks like good game, nicely developed and challenging. I hope it will keep it’s entertainment even when I will play it little longer.
  • Thank you. We appreciate it. Enjoy the game.
Support got back to me fast. And problem was fixed
  • Hello, thanks for your review. You can write us more details at support[at], our support team will be happy to help.
I’m really enjoying this game but I’m having trouble training with a trainer. Even when I have sufficient energy, it won’t allow me to click on “practice”. If someone can help me I would greatly appreciate it. Update All good now!
  • Hello, thank you for your feedback. If you have any problems, complaints, suggestions or questions please write to support[at] Our support team will gladly help you.

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