Aura Kingdom 2 – Stroll down the beautiful streets of the Medieval Times

[Game] Aura Kingdom 2

Aura Kingdom 2   Great remake of a classic MMORPG!

Fully-rendered 3D characters offer impressive detail down to their elegant costumes.
Enjoy the satisfying MMO gameplay and stunning graphics on your mobile device!
Embark on new adventure to the world Ramayan and screenshot every step of your journey.
Summon Eidolons, establish tactics for party battles, and most of all… create YOUR legend as a Hero.

4 unique classes to choose from.
Enjoy fast-action gameplay at your fingertips and easy-to-use touch control with beautiful animations!
Conquer epic raid dungeons with players from all around the world.

Stroll down the beautiful streets of the Medieval Times and witness abundant creatures.
Listen to the tales of those who live amongst them and learn of the story behind “Ramayan”.
Set out with your friends on an unforgettable adventure!

Combined with Card Game playstyle!
Meet over 40 Eidolons on your journey and Collect ‘Em All!
Cultivate and form inseparable bonds with your partners — Design a team exclusive to you.
Utilize your Eidolon’s powerful ultimate skill and have them battle alongside you

Ramayan consists of plains, forests, wetlands, and rainforests — Which are also the natural habitat of multitudinous creatures
Discover where they inhabit, what they like or dislike, and everything else about them.
Unlock every monster in this fantasy world and complete the “Book of Ramayan”.

Your accessories will no longer be identical to anyone else’s.
Adjust its size, angle, and even where it’s placed.
Cat ears on your forehead?
Spectacles hanging from your chin?
Wings growing out from your bum?
The only limit is your imagination! All of these are made possible for someone creative like you — Play around all you want!

Aura kingdom 2 release date :

The game’s first closed beta was released on September 14th, 2018 in Singapore and Malaysia under Meywood Limited. The game was then released in Taiwan on August 27th, 2019 by X-Legend. The game launched internationally on April 15th, 2020 and in Japan July 1st, 2020. Read more on Fandom

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Aura Kingdom 2 user reviews :

I have one thing I have to say; even though this game is getting better and better with the patch updates, when I try pressing the ads at the store to get free diamonds and gacha tickets using my tablet, they’re not responding at all no matter how hard I try. Please fix this okay? Thanks.
  • X-Legend Entertainment Co., Ltd.
  • Thank you very much for your feedback and support! It is our pleasure; we will continue trying our best and please look forward to our future updates! If you enjoy our game, we will be more than glad to have 5 stars from you!

Great game with a lot of detail and both the ability to play for free and incentives to spend a little money to support the game. If you feel the need to be number one it will get expensive. The pace slows to a crawl eventually and frustration with frequent crashes has moved me to drop the game just past level 200, but I enjoyed it for quite a while.

Graphics good, as are animations, but doesn’t feel immersive. I have no idea where I’m going unless there’s auto on because it literally takes you there. There is a map, but it’s not very helpful and takes up the whole screen (aka not a minimap) battle is also auto unless you turn it off but even when you do it doesn’t…feel like what you click matters? You just kinda stand there and click your skills once their cooldown is gone. You just stand there and click. Enemies don’t attack first.

Hello to the company, This app was great at first for me. However, (it may be because of my phone) some NPC’s and quests will not load (one such quest was the introduction. It had froze right after I talked to Leona. Another (for me) is the Whitewater Bay investigation quest) I really like the graphics and the game style, however I just can’t play the game smoothly. I hope this helps anyone who would like to download the game. Thank you for this amazing game.

Giving 3 stars for now because it’s a new app but hope future updates will fix this problem. When I started playing the game, the game stopped working, not that it crashed or anything but in the intro, the task to pick up the weapon doesn’t work. I keep tapping the hand button but it doesn’t do anything. Had to restart the game cause I thought it may work again, and it did. But in the task on where you will use your new skill to kill the hounds, it stopped again. Pls fix and will give 5stars. TY

This game really isn’t as impressive as I expected, especially when talking about the graphics, which are not that good when compared to the original game. HOWEVER, the battle part of the game is a huge improvement in the sense that it’s not completely auto (unless the “auto-battle” option is on, you might want to pay attention to that…). Regardless, this game has potential. Keep up the good work, X-Legend! (P.S. I’ve been playing your pc game since 2014, and I still enjoy it!)

As a player of the original Aura Kingdom on PC, I can say that this is a refined experience. This also happens to be the best MMORPG you can find on the Play Store, unlike those others that has a bland experience. There are minor glitches but those are probably because of my weak signal. Overall a pleasant experience.

Latest Update :

A great remake of a classic MMORPG
Experience the world of Aura Kingdom 2 together!

Introducing New Features with the latest update:
New System: Four high-level attributes
New System: New high-level gems
New System: New EP titles

Issue Fixed
Cannot attack automatically after class promotion
Abnormal problem on spouse interface
Cannot view opponent information in arena ranking
Abnormal display issue on artifact information

Contact developer :


Video :

aura kingdom 2 guide :

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