Aurum Blade EX – Someone must be a hero in this world

[Game] Aurum Blade EX

Aurum Blade EX  The essence of ancient Alchemy, the Philosopher’s Stone, has been hidden in the Philosopher’s Tower until now, and for good reason.

But now Duke Marduk is heading to the tower to take the stone and use it. But for what? And why has he abducted Celty, the mysterious girl from Shining Dawn Village, who is somehow connected to it all? One thing is clear, terrible things are happening, and Duke Marduk must be stopped. Someone must be a hero in this world!

Aurum Blade is a fast-paced action RPG with thrilling attack weapons and spells, and truly enjoyable control.

Aurum Blade EX Features:

Challenge The Power Dungeon to get epic and legendary items
There are plenty of great Epic, Set, and Legendary items waiting to be looted from the dungeons. Premium items and gems can even be found within!

Daily Free Tickets to the Power Dungeon
You can enter the Power Dungeon everyday with a Daily Free Ticket. For further exploration, tickets can also be purchased from the Power Shop.

Powerful Summoning Monsters allow for strategic game play
Powerful Blade Monsters can be summoned after first proving yourself in the Blade Dungeons.
A total of 6 Blade Monsters (Stone, Iron, Ice, Fire, Silver and Aurum) will fight alongside you in the battle field. Each has different skills and attack patterns.
Blade Monsters grow in strength as you pass the Blade Dungeons. And a maximum of 3 monsters can be summoned at one time.

Try different weapons! Wear different costumes! Find and enhance your own weapons!
Each item has its own unique and powerful options that can be customized. You can enchant your weapons and armor, and insert crystals to add even more abilities.
Dual weapons fighting can be mastered for deadly attacks. And the Alchemy system allows you to create and enhance special weapons and items.
All of this and more is waiting to be discovered.

Three characters to play!
Three characters (Allen, Sigmund and Enoshu) are available to play. 3 save slots are also available, and it is possible to exchange items among the saved data slots via the Stash Inventory.

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Aurum Blade EX user reviews :

Pretty decent old-school RPG. Art is great but has some weird problems. Some character portraits are cut off while some are whole. Also the controls feel rather awkward due to the horizontal and vertical movement. Another thing is, even though I used the wizard which is a woman, the game refers to my character as a man so it really feels awkward. Decent game. Can be improved. Thanks devs!

This games is awesome, this is my first time i play games like diablo3 Reaper of souls on mobile phone, also this games has great story like diablo3Ros, boss to The boss is almost same like diablo3, and The equipment also the weapon is awesome, but i little upset because the control its very difficult for aim enemy, and gems in this games its difficult to find it, please fix the control and fix the gems problem too, i really love this games, awesome, enjoying and playful

Ok yall, i had to put this up cuz some of you have just started playing. Ive been playing this game for like 8 or 9 years now. There most likely will not be anymore updates so stop asking. hasnt gotten an update in YEARS. Secondly, ive seen several reviews that say “it looks just like S.O.L. by the same creator, it must be a rip off”… Uhm, no. Aurum blade came first, S.O.L. is the rip off, because the graphics got such a good response that they recycled them. PSA for the day lol. Just enjoy!

Fantastic action rpg. No idle nonsense; you pick a class and control your character. You can explore the game’s world to discover plenty of dungeon crawling, item crafting, and that good ol’ rpg level grind that I’m a sucker for. I recommend this to anyone who likes playing actual games on their phone – fans of watching their games play themselves need not apply.

I love this game and its really fun to play… This game is a great time killer but even though i know its a enjoyable game…. My fingers are getting tired playing this game for a whole day just to gain more lvl… The dungeon are more challenging…. Please make it playable with gamepads… Or try to fix the game controller… Co’z its hard to aim…. btw i love this game… Keep up the good work

Amazing I really like the game, though theres some problem, everytime i press stat to add some, the game crash, can anyone help me with, i really appreciate it, im using galaxy y 5360, tnx,

Nice,but… This was a nice game.But will you fix the camera.My hp always decreased all time because the camera.The enemy is easy to attack me

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