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[Game] Avatar Life – fun, love & games in virtual world!

Avatar Life  Having trouble starting a conversation with a boy? Afraid to approach girls? Looking for love, boyfriend or just a day off from the routine and meet new people?

Welcome to Avatar Life, an Android free game where communication has no boundaries!
Avatar Life is both a chat and a simulation at the same time. Create your own avatar and become whoever you want: a party or an upright girl! You can choose the sex of your avatar and choose the best appearance and stylish image for it!

Play, chat, fall in love!
Our game does not endorse virtual sex, does not provide porn content, and is not an 18+ game. Our game was created for entertainment purposes only for people 13 years of age and older.


Choose your personal style from over 800 clothing pieces.
Experiment with over 400 appearance elements, such as hair, eyes, lips, etc.
Change your looks depending on your mood at any time!


Choose from more than 1500 furniture pieces.
Try out ready-made design options.
Get access to the VIP room to restore your avatar’s energy in a matter of minutes.


Find new friends in Avatar Life or bring your real-life friends.
Have fun, flirt, give and receive gifts.
Start relationships; become friends, best buddies, a couple, or even rivals with anyone.
Compete for the title of the brightest one in Avatar Life and be rewarded for it.


Have fun, walk in a park, go to a nightclub, a café, or a beauty shop.
Choose a job to your liking and earn game currency.
Throw a wild party in your apartment, treat your friends with drinks, and dance through the night.
Don’t hold back and throw a cake in someone’s face!

Your new life and friends are waiting for you in Avatar Life! Download now for free!

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Avatar Life user reviews :

Overall, the game is very good and the furnitures and clothings are much more lucrative than the original Avataria. However, it lacks major features such as the filter of ‘online only’ on buddy list and the ‘All work here is finished’ in the janitor and garden profession.

It’s a great game,I used to play it years ago and it improved a lot(while I do miss some options from before)and new people don’t know they can change their appearance in the salon so usually they’d complain about it,maybe change it so its easier to notice Also the only problem I had is that Facebook login is unavailable for the game now and cannot log in.

I enjoy playing but too many kids acting like adults using this app! It’s like a chatroom to meet strangers for them, Do something about this. And the really nice stuff is too expensive plus there’s no tutorial on how to play, it’s difficult trying to figure out.

love it guys. others who havent yet played gotta try it. its just like avataria but way better. new places and also other new jobs like working in the cafe can be done. also new things in there too. recommend to all players. hope you guys continue updating the game to make it better.

I really love this game, and I was playing avataria for 10 years and naw I’m playing avatar life it’s my favorite game ever… and I loved the new things in avatar life game almost everything is great and new,… even you or I play it in my cellphone it’s easy and wonderful game ever ,.. I really hope that’s everyone who plays avatar life will like it cuz it’s in amazing game ever,… enjoy everyone for playing it….

This game is pay to win yes you can play without but it will take you years to get higher lvls right now im stuck on lv 27 the quests are not hard but they are extremely long u have to wait hours to just do one task

I just so bored and scroll play store, and i download this game and it turn out to be the game that i played with my cousin went we were kids on facebook, owh how time flies so fast, its 9 years ago i guess haha i really love this game and it didnt change too much, i really miss her also, i wish this game maintain to be here and a big thumbs up for the developer and team, sending my love to you!

I just give 4 stars because this game lags a lot.and then after logout from the game,it took a long time to login again.game developer please take care of this issue.many player also report the same things.

Its not really a bad game it is very good i love how you can text and go in your phone and teleport anywhere really fast and there is lots of people all the time and i love it so so much best game!

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