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Bible Verse of the Day  Discover God through beautiful Holy Bible stories, verses, and music.

Receive personal, relevant verses for inspiration and sharing with loved ones. Each day a new verse is sent to your device – it’s like receiving a message from a dear friend who loves you and wants you to be happy. Join the #Bible movement, share the Word, and fill social media with grace.

Bible Verse of the Day user reviews :

I have never experienced the bible in such joy of heart until now. Now I can have my times with God on my cell phone any where and every where! I just think this is a wonderful app. I love the music

Beautiful music accompanies the Word of God. Relaxing and re-newing of the spirit!

Beautiful uplifting verses to remember.

God’s word is alive and active every single day. I love how He speaks to us through scripture and so many other ways. This app is extra special because of the music playing while reading the scriptures. It’s a great touch. God is good All of the time! Hallelujah

this is my favorite app, period. I like to pray before opening it throughout the day and the Lord really does use it to speak to me all throughout the day. It’s quite nice.

New to the app. I like that it didn’t need my contacts or location but needs to always run in the background? Said you could change in the settings but the only change it allowed was the background music.

Very much needed every morning to start the day

Great App, runs proficiently and keeps me up to par on my daily word. I also love how it’s a different background for each verse.

great idea. The technology needs improving For Those computer illiterate.

brings up random bible quotes which just always seem to be helpful and to the point on what I need to hear each day I view it. or gives me a new way to approach things in my life.

i lost this app and thought I would never find it again. But as soon as I was ready to give up on it,I found it on a old app and now I share it on my Facebook page every day. I would give you a ten if I could.

Absolutely beautiful! So peaceful and comforting.

Awesome i love everything about this Bible app

The daily scripture is the best EVER! I look forward to reading and learning what the LORD has to say that will positively impact my life everyday!

in time of need for prayers/ you don’t know how to pray prayers r there to help you learn how ask for forgiveness, if you hurt people in your life, ask now it’s free, everything for the great creator is free, n free of taxes! You don’t pay tax on heaven?

Would be better if pics were upgraded, to better fit the music and scripture

This is Good for 12 year old to know more God and to be close to him more

Very lighten up my day specially when you’re alone.

Its fine but I would like to actually have all the bible not just the stories y’all pick but keep the stories. Do better.
  • Mind Blown Apps LLC
  • Thanks for your feedback. We are working to constantly expand the app to more and more of the Bible’s word. Hopefully this project will reach full fruition later this year.

Thank You.So nice,it is lovely to send notes from the Father

Wonderful way to start and end my day

The bible verses comfort me and keep me closer to God.

Only one path leads you to God. Jesus Christ.

This is the most beautiful app I have ever had! I love it!

Beautifully done, but i could find no free version, and have no idea what it costs.

I love the verses it gives me..but I can’t find the verse later when I need to go back to it. The app has the ability to flip pages and look at other verses, and thats awesome but I need my daily verse to be there to go back and look at as I meditate on it all day..I don’t flip the pages.
  • Mind Blown Apps LLC
  • Thanks for your review. Each time a notification is sent it advances a page so to access previous verses simply page backward. You can also favorite verses with the heart button and access those at any time in the “…” menu.

I do love this app, there are days when your feeling down you just checked for a verse or a great tip check it one verse a day and the verse this app gives feels like talking to you and gives encouragement. I also love the background so perfect

the bible app is great and a tool that God uses to personally communicate with as an answer to my prayer . The message seen on this app upon waking-up in the morning puts me in the right mood.

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