Car Toons – Use it wisely to ram all the baddies off the screen

[Game] Car Toons

Car Toons    Clear the Road with a Wicked 80’s Rescue Squad

After more than a decade of service, the CAR TOONS have been written off as scrap metal. However, today an emergency call from the government brings them back into action! Gangster Cars are all around and terrorizing the streets. This situation requires some serious measures, which only the CAR TOONS and their “unconventional” methods can deliver.

Equipped with awesome Super Powers
The CAR TOONS never leave a garage without some decent new equipment. Use it wisely to ram all the baddies off the screen. Solve over 100 cleverly designed missions. Outwit the gang and serve up some sweet justice!


Lightning Fast 180° Turns.
Rocket Engine Turbo Boost
Super Jump


100+ Missions and Never-Before-Seen Gameplay
Solve over 100 unique levels and challenges with fresh physic-based gameplay.

Three Different Characters
Control three completely different vehicles each with its own special abilities and personality

Hilarious Art Style and Story Telling
Enjoy an entertaining cartoon art style and some of the funniest “one-liners” since the 80’s

Justice at your Fingertip
Use pinpoint accurate touch screen controls

Challenge the World
Make your way to the top position on the leader boards and unlock dozens of achievements

Car Toons user reviews :

Very cool and I will have to be a good time to time and money on the other hand is a good time to time and money on the other hand is a good time to time and money on the other hand is not an option to add this email to the next few years and have a great day today but it is a good day and at a young man who has was just wondering the best first time since I have to go with back to the you the can you be the able I have a good great day to all be there able I have to been be able to make it easi

Probably gets better. But they want me to score it after only a few levels. Boring so far, but it is still in the tutorial phase.

Excellent game! Pretty smart, unique. A little bit challenging, but possible to complete all levels on 3 stars. Lots of funny moments, interesting cars jokes. Very few ads! Free unlimited tries! Rare features nowadays. I think developers are cool and deserve for some donate!

I think once a vehicle is clicked then touching the screen anywhere to stop it would be more convinient. However I don’t know if that is kept intentionally as it may get a use in the game. I have yet to discover it.

nice game i played allot of the game and I would this game need like and now I gana do five/500word aluminum foil and bake for speed most wanted with the jackpot of any sports car in need for speed most wanted with the jackpot of any sports car in need for

This game is very nice and all levels had its new story

I really loved this game but the new update is still not available so I’m uninstalling it

really challenging experience in this game of funny cars

It a fun game to play

Wow this is so addictive and nice puzzles!! I really like it till I finished the game and its so easy to get some achievements!!! =D +The ambulance one is so funny becuse it was saying THIS IS RUSSIA,wui and becuse this is SPARTA XD

I like the game very much but the control,graphics and design wich you you use for the game so l tell to my friends and all a that play game and rate it and give 5 star and have a nice day play, enjoy.

It is very easy game and I love it graphics…. You should definitely try it… I am sure that you love this game… Thank you… Please please please give us more levels…. Please… Please….. Please…. Thank you very much such a wonderful game…..

Really wanna thank developers for making such fabulous game like that…with great ideas and funny car comments

I have no idea why there are so less downloads on a game such as this one.

It is a very good game and superb I will give full five star I Played this game many times in my pic and I loved this game such a good game Thanku

I don’t have words to describe this game’s cuteness and would you please add more and more levels Everybody is waiting

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