Castle Fusion Idle Clicker – Witness the cycle of destruction

[Game] Castle Fusion Idle Clicker

Castle Fusion Idle Clicker  Follow our heroes in the latest installment of the fusion series; defend against a relentless wave of orcs and goblins as you discover new weapons and locations.

Witness the cycle of destruction and uncover a deeper meaning behind this war.

Drag and drop identical towers to create new and more powerful weapons. Use gathered scraps from fallen foes to upgrade your defenses and defeat even more enemies.


Improved upon your favorite gameplay from Turret Fusion
Follow the story line of a new group of heroes
Easy to play, hard to put down
Fully featured 3D medieval world
Compete in Leaderboards and earn Achievement points
Defend the royal family over many generations
Improved battery life so you can idle for even longer

Merge towers, go AFK and watch your income stream, or click around your empire. Become the Castle Fusion tycoon. Battle an evil robotic mech operated by disgruntled orcs and goblins, and hatch your very own dragon!

After you’re done with the battle, settle down and run your very own Tavern, open to man and goblin. Keep those bellies stuffed and those drinks full.

Castle Fusion Idle Clicker user reviews :

Started the game skeptical. As i continue to play the game, it has a good gameplay as far as a merging game goes. they have managed to put a rewared for allowing banner add on the topof the screen . So far i am just now reaching the second level of merging. so as i continue i hope the game continues to as good and not so much pay to win.

This game is no different than your average “fuse two objects together to make a better object” type of game. I will admit at least they make it a little creative with it being a tower defense game. Though the objective is pretty mediocre. It is still a enjoyable time killing past time game.

I rarely give a 5 star… This game hits everything it needs to. Little to no bugs at all. The gameplay is easy and intuitive. The upgrades you get feel valid and you do feel a constant sense of progression, even later in the game. It’s awesome sending your soldiers out on quests as side missions from the main play. Even cooler that they get their own equipment from the field that is visually represented. I’ve been playing for close to 3 months now. Good job.

Best merge game ever. This game had time put into it. The ability to see that when you merge weapons, I can see the upgrade just brings joy to me. This is nothing like those other mobile games where they rush it and slap it full of ads. This game even has the option to enable or disable ads FOR FREE. This game is a light in the dark abyss in which other mobile games have formed. 10/10

Pros: It’s a very good idle game with addictive simple mechanics. The 3d art is well done, especially for the merging turrets! It has a nice game progression as well, with a prestige system. Many opportunities for free gems. Cons: too few game stages gives the feel of something is missing. No real threat from enemies, damage is aesthetic. 2d art of characters doesn’t feel like it fits. Heroes seems misplaced and doesn’t tie into the main game at all, only benefits of quests is tiny bits o gems.

Great game. I have around 20 prestige, and the game hasn’t stopped its momentum of fun. I would really like to have a “player stats” button where I can see my gem chance, double gem chance, and other boosts.

Honestly I love the game but the only problem is that everything’s too much money that’s why I don’t even play that much instead I just grabbed the money then I play into all my money’s gone please make everything cheaper or at least make it the way to get more money This is all I request end voice acting

5/5 The ads actually show the real game 10/10 it is not a app that wanted full- promotion ( Ads that developers put a lot of work on to have people’s attention ). It has all of those historic details and awesome movements. In this universe they are having the fight with the goblins and you have to let them taste their own medicine by making new weapons. The Gattling Cannon is my favorite. The third phase is really cool, trying to defeat the golem. In conclusion. A great game.

It’s a really fun Idle game. When you’re bored or have nothing to do this game will entertain you only if you a fan of Idle games but if your not I recommend you try it. You may like it or not but I like the game.

It’s a good game and I like the big boss. And all but I will make it five stars but a bunch of games or doing that it may be a different style and one not but still a bit kind of similar so four stars as my rating

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