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Speedway Heroes 2021 – Start now your speedway adventure

Speedway Heroes 2021  free apps android   Are you a speedway fan? Do you like the roar of the engine and side by side competition? You will be excited when you’ll try Speedway Heroes – fresh speedway game from Simplicity Games, delivered for this ‘black sport’ …

Awakers – Obtain the Soul Stone

Awakers  free android apps   An exciting story that leads to halting the invasion of dark forces led by Hellshade. Battle to obtain the Soul Stone that awakens strong power. Conspire, betray, and ally with enemies. This and more awaits you in AWAKERS: The Arcane Force. …

Dark Riddle 2 – Enjoy new mechanics

Dark Riddle 2 – Story mode  1v1 lol   The sequel of a well-known story in our universe is waiting for you. However, this time, we have prepared multiple small missions and puzzles with separate plots. You are about to enjoy new mechanics like driving a …

Church Tycoon – Be a great leader of the faith

Church Tycoon   Do you want to be a great leader of the faith? Start your temple and earn believers today in Church Tycoon! Your believers will be blessed and will donate money to grow your great missionary work to the ends of the earth! Earn …

Aztec Returns – Eliminate identical pairs of tokens or blocks

Aztec Returns   Aztec Returns is exactly like Shisen-sho games, but with spectacular graphics based on the ancient Aztec culture. In many places, it is also called “four rivers”. The game is based on Japanese tiles, similar to Mahjong tokens, only this time the tokens have …

Coin Scout – Building of a brave new world began

Coin Scout – Idle Clicker  free apps android   Make zombies great again! Imagine the world where zombies are not a deadly threat, they just want to play. That’s Coin Scout – Idle Exploring Game! Zombies were smart enough to organize their weird, but functioning, form …

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