Colonize Transport Tycoon – More and more new colonists arrive every day

[Game] Colonize Transport Tycoon

Colonize Transport Tycoon  Life on the planet is in full swing.

More and more new colonists arrive every day. Smuggled canned food was recently discovered. They are worth more than gold. Any colonist is ready to work twice as hard if you toss him a couple of jars of valuable delicacies.

A large number of changes are waiting for you:

Added player level. Now you will get experience for building and improving buildings. And also many useful rewards for leveling up;
Completely updated game store;
The Science Center no longer discovers new technologies. For improving it, you will receive experience and premium currency;
Added information about the conditions for opening a new territory and its contents;
Small interface changes;
Bug fixes and typos;
Balance changes and optimization improvements.

and other small but important changes were made to improve the quality of the game.

Colonize Transport Tycoon user reviews :

Vehicles will stop delivering saying resource is full, but it is not full yet and it throws off the entire supply chain. Also if you can purchase a better vehicle later there is no way to delete the old vehicle to get more of the new one, this game could have been designed better. And the response of upgrading the older vehicles is BS because it is so expensive to do that it is not worth the time. I am done and will delete now, design it better next time
  • BroDev Studio
  • Hello! You can upgrade your old vehicles in order to make them better. Thank you for your feedback, we appreciate it.
for the next update I’m just suggesting that all cargo or tanker that carries resources should have more redources in every trip that they go and the fact that there should be a safe for every resources needed and I think or to suggest that it’s better to have upgrade un every building to have more storage like the diesel cargo yhe max is 12 diesel only if there are upgrades in the building it can max out to 12 diesel to 24 diesel keep updating and the ads too
  • BroDev Studio
  • Hello! We have recorded your suggestions. Our team take all the feedback we receive into account for future updates.
Fun until you reach 28 vehicles. Then 999 material upgrades. Wth. Nice update, fixed original problem,but I’m starting at level 0 again lol.
  • BroDev Studio
  • Hello! Please contact us via support form ( Settings- Help), so we can fix it. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Pleasingly similar to old school PC game of Virtual City. I miss being able to play that game and this one is close to scratching that itch. Right now, I’ve been playing for a few days and am at level 9. What I find odd about this game is that it’s almost an idle game (biggest downside, IMO). There’s no missions, no time constraints, the road tool is a little buggy, there’s no story line. Yes, I found a new mining resource and +1’d that building, but why do I care? Needs smaller, fun missions.
  • BroDev Studio
  • Hello! We will improve and optimize our game in the future to make it more entertaining. Thank you for your feedback, we really appreciate it.
Still some bugs… Resources keep dissapearing when closing game… And it’s a bit boring… But there is a lot of potential. I like the graphics. Some quests would be nice, to give some purpose, maybe timed, giving the possibility to earn some perks. I love not having ads, so I will support by buying some premium vehicles. Overall a lot og fun, looking forward to seeing more updates! Cheers! Update… Just for the quick reply I’d give you a 6th star Keep up the good work!
  • BroDev Studio
  • Hello! Thank you for your feedback. The game is at bare minimum at the moment, we have just started. Our team take all the feedback we receive into account for future updates.
Update 4/27/2021: This game was excellent right from the start and has only gotten better with the last update! There are a few known bugs and I have been quite vocal on the discord channel about these issues along with suggestions and helping other players understand the game. And now there is another big update coming and I can’t wait for it! Keep up the great work Team BroDev!!
  • BroDev Studio
  • Thanks for your feedback. We’ll fix the issue with vehicle scrolling. Unfortunately, build vertical roads will not be added to the game, it will break the perspective of the game.
Game is very good. Something different to all the other “strategy” games for mobile. Here you actually plan for how to grow your empire. But it’s very slow paste. It could be a little more agile with how many carts you have at your disposal. On lower levels it’s really challenging to manage network efficiently.
  • BroDev Studio
  • Hello! Thank you for your feedback. We will improve and optimize our game to make it more entertaining.
What a great potential! I won’t list all the things that could be better as I think a lot of users here have very well done that (biggest one would be the slow development speed) and the developer seems incredibly responsive to each review, well done, keep reading them and taking your players’ suggestions. I am giving 5 stars as encouragement for a lovely game at its infancy! /claps
  • BroDev Studio
  • Hello! Thank you so much for your kind words! We really appreciate your feedback.

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