Countryball – Join great battles with them

[Game] Countryball – Europe 1890

Countryball  Discover the 19th century with countryballs!

Train your countryballs, teach them how to fight. Win prizes in tournaments, and join great battles with them!. You can play with all countries. All of them have different stories. You can also have fun watching the various countryball animations in the game!

The game is still under development. If you have any suggestions, I will be glad if you drop a comment or send me an e-mail.

It’s time to fight with countryballs!

Some music used in-game:
Alexander Nakarada – The Crown
Kevin Macleod – Five armies
Alexander Nakarada – The Vikings

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Countryball user reviews :

Love this game. It really helps me to simulate past wars and to conquer enemies and start an empire. Problem is, every update a new game breaking glitch comes along. The newest one is that no matter how much I attack certain territories, even when I win in battle they stay under the ownership of the country that I attacked. I’m wasted millions of turns on this one damn Italian territory!!!

It’s an overall good game, other than just one bug for me. That being I can’t attack-defend anymore, I can go into battle but then I can’t do anything because nothing responds, this happens mainly when I attack the capital region of a country resetting the game has no other effect. The game also starts randomly crashing at points. Note I’m playing this on a Samsung S21 Ultra

This is a amazing game and i have been playing it for a while now.Plus,there is balanced ads.But, i recently encountered a bad glitch.The glitch is,you go into a fight,sometimes countryballs are missing,they automatically have 99 defense and 99 attack,and you can do anything after the dice roll.I tried reseting the game multiple times,nothing happened.Please fix this glitch as soon as possible.If you do,i will change to 5 stars.

Good game, but there are not enough turns, I mean, they can attack you from like 9 places, and you can only defend 3, that is irritating. There are too many ads… makes the game unplayable sometimes. Other than that, it would be my favourite game.

Incredible game. Works well and is very fun. It is absolutely amazing. There is one problem though. After random updates i cant attack or visit places. The game stops working at random times. Im assuming its because of the updates because everytiem this has happened a new thing has been added it.

Amazing game! I will play the absolute ish out of this game but I have 1 problem. I load it up, then when I try to attack, end a turn or anything, the game closes. I have no other problems but that. I can’t wait for more updates. Best Countryball Game ever though!

This is a very fun game, but it has a lot of bugs and glitches. One of them is land tiles randomly turning into ocean tiles, and the other one is that I can’t interact with anything when I’m in a battle, I tried rejoining but it is still bugged. Please fix these bugs I really like this game.

I LOVE IT! it’s fun and cute… But I’m having trouble finding the countryballs, especially The Soviet Union, can you increase the rating that more chance of finding the countryballs at there own region, I’ll be happy

There should be a peace conference that you can take territory/give your puppets territory(for lesser border gore). Overall, it is a very good fast-paced war game.

Very good game; Highly reccomended. Ideas: Restore cutscenes, add aircraft in 1914, make puppets able to revolt, Purchasable units get slightly stronger every other turn like AI units

This game is good but I have seen a bug that when you download the app on another device the old save files of the game tha you have played before don’t work when you press and turn plz fix it soon so that I can play my old save game’s

Hi I found a bug after the update I am amazed from the graphics I tried Retro and I puppeted Netherlands and Iceland as France and declared war on Norway and Denmark but when I tried to take Oslo after I won the battle the territory is still from Norway I tried to conquer again but the territory is still not mine for the 2 time please fix it I loved this game

I like this game but the recent update has corrupted all my soldiers and it crashes whenever I press army or try to put a soldier anywhere. And the game softlocks when I go into battle.

Quite a fun game, worked perfectly the first time i played but since then, the game crashes every time I try to battle

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