Cube Escape The Lake – Takes an interesting turn

[Game] Cube Escape The Lake

Cube Escape The Lake  A trip to Rusty Lake takes an interesting turn when you stumble upon an abandoned cabin on a small island. The only things inside are some fishing gear, a knife and a crowbar. Some fishing might be peaceful…

Cube Escape: The Lake is the second episode of the Cube Escape series and part of the Rusty Lake story. We will unfold the mysteries of Rusty Lake one step at a time, follow us @rustylakecom.

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Cube Escape The Lake user reviews :

For one of the mini puzzles, that was a brain teaser! This, this is a good quality escape game! Rusty lake productions are amazing! Glad I have 3 other of their game installed, and oo the chills of the ending! Not scary or creepy, just, chills man. (Btw this isn’t a bot response, this game is that good, evidence: ©™%®, boys can’t do that- I don’t think)

Now I just left a really great review about cube escape paradox but this was disappointing. Really what is this? It was like 20 seconds long and you didn’t even get to leave the place. You didn’t even step outside. More say my previous review was about rusty lake it’s self. But this was disappointing and ridiculous.

Well that was easy. And short. I expected more here. Cz all rusty lake games are very twisted that it takes so long to solve one puzzle. But this one was quite light. Should’ve add more puzzles.

It was really fun got almost all the achievements only one I was unable to get was the corrupted soul one I tried to find out how to do it but I couldn’t find it but otherwise a great game

Well done, very nice game. Kinda easier than I thought but I love it. Kudos to the devs. And I love the jumpscares HAHAHHAHA it stirs adrenaline

Nice game and is quite addictive! Gets quite hard sometimes but the hints help!

Good brain distraction. I love the Cube series and this was a good short game to do over lunch break

Cannot beat unless you get a “code” from playing a completely different game, what’s more; the hint doesn’t even tell you that it’s referring to a different game. I only found out by giving up and looking online.

Really cool game..great clues and puzzles. No ads, couldn’t ask for more. All the cube games are great.

Good but easy Maybe because I found a shortcut (seosons box password : 1487 )

Fantastic game… and that fact that it’s one has direct connection with Cube Escape seasons make it even more fascinating

Hint system is broken, u can only unlock hints for things u already figure out

So it won’t let me in the game like I’ll click the play button and it won’t do anything

Pretty good, need some hints. But not overly hard. Good job guys

Didn’t expect it to be short but that adds more to the story!

This is the second game that I have played and I got to say I absolutely loved it. I loved how you included clues from other games but I had some difficulties figuring it out due to not having played the other game before. But so far I’m absolutely loving the Cube Escape games so much.
  • Rusty Lake
  • Awesome to hear Elf Princess! It’s also possible to download the Cube Escape Collection and we recommend to play our games in the following order: Seasons, The Lake, Arles, Harvey’s Box, Case 23, The Mill, Hotel, Birthday, Theatre, Roots, The Cave, Paradise, Paradox, The White Door, Samsara Room.

I just downloaded it and then i finish it in just one day thats fun But its kinda funny cuz i tried to kill everything with a knife

It’s very nice. It’s the second cube escape game I play and I could solve all the puzzles by myself. The artwork is amazing and I love the music, but I missed some kind of story. Five stars anyway. Keep it up!

The 2nd cube escape game. A different grapical style from “Seasons”, which isn’t better but different. This is a short one, building up the lore but good, clean fun.

Verry short and one item does not need to be used to get out. Error or should it be this way? Don’t know. Still a good introduction.

I absolutely loved this! So at the end I noticed that you can… change the ENDING? YES! there’s extra play on the Games everyone! So you can go back after you’ve completed the game and start over a whole new way?. As in Seasons I kept wondering why the clock wasn’t being used when the hands move? Very nice touch guys! I’m actually enjoying these games so much. FYI; I’m 57; fairly new to the Gaming world but I’ve played many different types of games, and Rusty Lake Cube and Room series is by far the BEST!

Great 2nd outing! This atmospheric escape room is immersive and fun with just enough mystery and intrigue yo keep you interested but not frustrated. This one is shorter than the first (Seasons) but overall their puzzles make sense, and controls are easy. There is one particular puzzle that references certain symbols near the end of the game, and in my opinion the clue requires a leap of logic to figure out how to interpret those symbols. Overall good game though. Gonna play the rest.
  • Rusty Lake
  • Thank you Rob, we appreciate your feedback! We hope you’ll enjoy the other Rusty Lake episodes as well!

Enjoyed this one. Much easier than the other Rusty Lake Cube Escape games, my only problem was that it only took me about 25 minutes compared to some 2.5 to 3 hours for the latest games (I played the 2 latest games but now I’m playing from the 1st Cube Escape. Hint: the mirror box is much easier than you think but you may need to use a calculator

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