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[Game] Dances with Destiny

Dances with Destiny  Discover your true love in this unique Romance Otome Game from Genius Inc!


You are a young woman struggling to maintain her family archives and working part-time at a local market. On the night of your debut into society as an adult, you attend the Ball of Indigo Flowers.

While there, you encounter a mysterious man who sweeps you off your feet and charms you with his good manners. He disappears before you can talk to him more. Suddenly a man drags you onto the dance floor, and you realize he’s your childhood friend, believed to have died in a war between humans and ghouls. Shocked and overwhelmed, you decide to attend a party at his mansion the following night.

Once again, you encounter the mysterious man who noticed your scent, and his enigmatic but handsome brother. While out on the patio, you’re suddenly attacked by a man with glowing red eyes…a ghoul! Your childhood friend saves you, but you find yourself drawn into the world of ghouls, learning more about them and the war. Three handsome men with their own personalities and opinions accompany you, each one vying for your attention. But questions and danger plague you. What is this power you have that quells a ghoul’s violent rage? Who is the person trying to kill you? And who will finally claim your heart?

Your childhood friend who bravely served in the war between ghouls and humans. Plagued with amnesia and a hatred towards ghouls, he comes off as stubborn and possessive, but he has a soft spot for you and always makes sure you’re safe.

A mysterious and dignified man. He’s a perfect gentleman, always treating you like a princess. His fascination with your scent offsets you a little, but his kindness and good manners quickly win you over.

Enigmatic and objective, Yoel is the younger brother of Xeno. He comes off as cool and uncaring, but deep down he just wants someone to understand him. His intelligence and his talent playing piano make you think warmly of him.

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Dances with Destiny user reviews :

I been playing this for 5 weeks because i had to wait for a add to get gems but i loved the story and everything was so beautiful, the ending was breathtaking and i chose Gilbert

The heroine I’m playing feels like a person came from 90’s. The story itself is great but some it doesn’t satisfy me. But its really is a great game, just it happens so fast and the characteristics of Xeno and Gilbert doesn’t really make me feel that they’re into the heroine, well I might say that they are kind of selfish or not. Yoel is great by the way. The plot twist, I can that I saw it coming while I was playing, and the downside is it doesn’t excite me. Regardless, see it yourself. Thanks.

Altough the story was a bit short for my taste it was still a very fun! The ideas put into the story and the characters were super good! I wish the story was maybe a bit longer but like I said this is a fun story the characters are charming my favorite was Marquis de naries even tough he is’nt a choice but in the choices I picked Gilbert!!

Its really very nice and interesting game and now this game is one of my fav game in my games list . But I have a doubt in this game that in an episode where there xeno and yoel and attend to a party abd yiel gets hurt after the FL treats the wound right later she passes out and next while she while in half sleep ,she saw a person looking her in her room right .Then could you tell me who was that person.plz Its not like Im complaining its just I wana know who was that person .

I’ll give it a 8/10. Amazing art, incredible concert and a y/n that actually feels real. Even though she can’t always protect herself she has a brain and is very intelligent. She reacts as every human would. One of the amazing qualities of these producers games is that even though crystals are still cool, they aren’t needed at all. It’s just something that will give you more insight for a character, but you can play it and have a great experience without them too. You choose your man in the end

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