Deceitful Devotions – Enter the world of the rich and famous

[Game] Deceitful Devotions

Deceitful Devotions  Story

I want you to marry me.

You’ve suddenly been proposed to by Ashton Myles, the sexy world-renowned pianist. Now you’re on your way to a world of luxury as the fiance of a celebrity. But it’s all… fake?!

An unfortunate accident has put you in serious debt to Ashton. There’s no way a college student like you could pay it all off… So you find yourself forced to act as his fiance instead and enter the world of the rich and famous.

In this world filled with lies, fake personas, and social etiquette, you find yourself caught between 3 men, each with their own agenda. Are their devotions to you deceitful… or could it be destiny?

Ashton- The Alpha Male Piano-Prodigy

“… Just for a moment, forget everything else… Just focus on me.”

World-renowned for his skill as a pianist, Ashton is on the fast track to stardom. But he’s fought hard and long to achieve it all. With looks that kill and fortune beyond imagination, he doesn’t seem like he’d have any trouble finding love… but he’s ordered you to act as his fiance. This perfectionist never shows any weakness… could there be something hiding under that facade?

❏Louis- The Crafty Hollywood Star

“I like playing around and teasing people, but you have to know… I’m serious about you.”

Louis is a childhood friend of Ashton’s and a popular actor. He manages to catch on to your act almost immediately and you have no choice but to do as he says. He’s a mean-spirited one that enjoys nothing more than toying with you, but he’s got a charisma that you just can’t hate. What is it that lies at the bottom of this actor’s heart?

❏Sean- The Apathetic Celebrity

“No one had ever listened to me, or treated me like someone who mattered… The only person who had ever done that is you.”

This lone wolf acts brashly towards you at first, but beneath that thorny exterior is a kind young man with the purest of hearts. As Ashton’s younger brother, he’s spent his whole life in his brother’s shadow. Could you be the one that finally opens up his heart to the world?

Deceitful Devotions user reviews :

I totally love the experience I had here. Great pick on the instrumental music, I love listening to it and also, I was shocked that I could choose the three of them and so I wish that every otome game of Genius Inc. had that same option wherein the player can choose all of the males if that’s possible.

I actually really liked this one. I had a hard time picking between two of them in the end, so much so that I replayed the last chapter twice to experience both their endings. The characters show some development, you do get to know them even without all premium choices, and you feel like what you do over time matters. One of my favorites from this company.

This game is AMAZING! I will totally recomend this to my friends The graphics are out of this world and it is so easy to get gems! I also love how it give you the option to choose all of them( even tho i went the Ashton route).

I really like this game but I dont like is the rules of the coin rewards, I had a game already previously installed and reached the level needed to get the point but they didn’t let me collect them because I completed the task to fast. Its not fair that I already had the game and played it before I stated this game and knew about the rewards.

a truly amazing game, i felt my real cheeks are on fire even if it was just an imaginary feeling of… true love, ahh im dying from that perfectly controlled game, send my kisses to the inventor him self and to the characters maker, they deserves all the support already for inventing such a wonderful games that send shivers through ur veins, love u all for making me feel happy and calm, thinks..

I love the characters and the story just makes my heart beat, I felt the story (I think I took this a little too seriously)… My favorite though is a chapter that is not the ending, although I love the ending of this story coz there is even an option to choose all 3 guys..

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