Demigods of Destiny – You have powers that could change the world

[Game] Demigods of Destiny

Demigods of Destiny  Your life as a college student seemed normal… But one day, you’re visited by a mysterious woman in your dreams who tells you that you have powers that could change the world. You try to brush it off as just a dream, but things get real when you’re attacked by a man that controls fire!

Just when you think it’s the end of the line, you’re saved by handsome demigods! It turns out your powers are needed to stop Hades’ son from taking control of the world and before you know it, you’re on a journey to save humankind!

Throughout this odyssey, you’ll discover the secrets of your powers and you may also find what it means to love a demigod…

Are you ready to conquer your destiny?


Lia – The Confident Son of Zeus

Lia is one of Zeus’ sons and has definitely inherited his father’s confidence! He’s the kind of guy that knows what he wants and gets what he wants. He controls the power of lightning and is second to none in a fight. It looks like he’s taken a special interest in you, but will you be able to keep up with him?

Rain – The Mature Son of Poseidon

Rain is a son of Poseidon and is much calmer than his good friend Lia. He’s extremely knowledgable about all things related to the gods, but can also hold his own in a fight using his control of water. He sees you more as his student at first, but will you be able to become more than that to him?

Grin – The Protective Son of Gaia

Grin has been your good friend since childhood and has only recently discovered that he’s a demigod. He can be a little timid, but he does everything in his power to protect you from any kind of threat. As you overcome obstacles together on your journey, you begin to feel like he’s more than just a friend. Could he feel the same way?

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Demigods of Destiny user reviews :

If you like comics and superheroes this game is for you. This game was good, sure the story wasn’t really that original but the fact that it has demigods with unique powers, designs, and personalities really pulls you in.

This is one of my favorite games so far!!! I really hope you make a second one with that cliffhanger ending!!! But for real, I had the hardest time picking a favorite character (including the side characters) and the manga cutscenes were so well drawn and pretty. If you do make a sequel, I will DEFINITELY be playing through that one next!! <3 keep up the great work!

I love how it was like a total manga/anime thing! I didn’t really understand why they looked so tacky, but when there was the manga cut scenes it made sense. It just fit the game so perfectly! I enjoyed it, but I wish there could have been a Mitra ending because that would have been fun (like without that whole romance). By far, Mitra made the whole game. But I found the premium choices were a bit expansive.

This game is very smooth game and it has an interesting story plot. the art style here in the way the characters look are just exquisite when looking at it. Voice acting would have been really good but that doesn’t matter since everything else is amazing. They give you a good opportunity for you to even earn points in game so you don’t have to pay to play

Probably the best otome game I played, an interesting storyline and characters, an mc with a strong personallity and its all complerely free! Even if you wish to choose the options for the gems, you can easily earn coins with minigames and adds that you can exchange for gems. The eposodes are long too and the tickets replenish after so many hours. It even has black an white manga-styled animated comic scenes during battles! Deffinitely enjoyed it all the way through.

The colors are amazing and fit the characters powers well and i love the anime manga cut scenes. The storyline feels a bit rushed and all over the place at times and the writing felt childish, but these things i could deal with. BUT you cant really choose which boy you want. At times the MC will say something about one of the boys being hot when thats not the demi im going after, then they’ll be scene where one of the boys and MC have a romantic moment when again, theyre not the ones im after.

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