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Disgaea RPG  The Netherworld, a place deeper than the deepest ocean and darker than the darkest cave.

It’s a chaotic world ruled by demons, monsters, and Overlords. No one knows quite where to find it. But now this dark place will open to all the players. Enter the Netherworld, try to raise the Strongest Overlord on a strange but exciting adventure.


Protagonists from the series reunite
Protagonists like Laharl, Flonne, Etna, Adell, Mao, Valvatorez and Killia from the whole series reunite and start an adventure filled with laughter and tears!

Original stories and music
In the Netherworld, everyone’s moral compass is a little different from humans. Unfold the exciting stories of your favorite characters and go through their ups and downs with background music from the series. The “Netherworld History” is for DISGAEA fans to relive their favorite plots once more and for newcomers to learn about the series’ previous stories.

Over-the-Top Battle Systems
The game uses a turn-based combat system. Assemble your dream team to your deepest desires! Amusing battle options like “Team Attack”, “Tower”, and “Throw” make the game truly strategical and hilarious.

Deal tons of damage
Awaken and upgrade characters all the way up to the max level of 9999. Grant characters with many skills & magic with enhancements and deal tons of damage to your enemies!

Classic elements from the series
Everything you love about DISGAEA is now brought to mobile. Call the “Dark Assembly” to unlock various content, travel the infinite “Item World” to upgrade your equipment, and challenge the “Overlord’s Tower” for fiendish rewards!

Play Anytime, Anywhere
Auto-Battling at up to 4x speed! Enjoy the epic battle at any time and any place!

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Disgaea RPG user reviews :

It’s your typical cell phone, not-really-free, gatcha-saturated, auto-turn-based game with Disgaea as its coat of paint. Some of it feels nostalgic, but it ends the moment you realize that it’s nothing like the original. Not a true role playing game by any means, but I guess they called it that because it plays out like every other RPG your phone has already seen. The item world is the best thing, but that’s like having working lights on a car without an engine. It just doesn’t go anywhere.

I’m a fan of the Disgaea series. The mobile game retains a lot of the humor and makes me want to play the original games. Essentially the same thing minus the tactical combat maps, having your team of five fight waves of enemy teams. One reason I haven’t gone back to the origi also is this game allows me to put characters from all the gamea into one party
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It’s a decent game but the mega restrictions on leveling, and material gathering is….boring. Made even more so the amount of times you need to do it. Even trying to bring a character to their 6star tier is not worth the time needed. Especially when these characters seem to get updated fast within the very games own meta. It simply amounts to, “I’m just wasting time here. Do I even want to invest my time in this game?”. I want to like the game but everything moves at a snails pace.

Fun, but rates are killer for f2p. You can get lucky or just have the worst luck. Game is kind of f2p friendly, but if you want a shot to get your favorite character best save until that banner drops. If you and elitist going for the best units… then good luck. For me I lose interest with every horrible pull which for me it is like going 10 pulls of nothing…

Dropped the game weeks ago. Art is mixed quality in some areas, music is there, and gameplay just feels like I was on constant auto pilot. Getting a decent character in a pull is a hassle, especially if your going to try and max its potential. Then it’s a bad time. I wanted to like this game more but it’s still kinda bare bones right now for a gacha. And that’s sad in 2021 and with a franchise with all these characters to use.

A light and proper mobile game; fast navigation and not very time consuming. The simplification of features from the main series is well thought, familiar yet uniquely different. The downfall would be on the bleeding-ish stainy loading page and the high position of back button which makes it hard to play with one hand.

The game has an amazing art style and soundtrack! The scenery art is absolutely great! The animations are fast but shows a lot of personality! The game it’s self though becomes a bit of a grindfest after the first few levels. There are a few things ingame to improve the grind that are free but it doesnt really improve it too much. I stay for my love of the art style and disgaea’s characters but I only really play for the events. Not recommend if you can’t stand grindy games.

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