Dungeon Crusher – Battle with the ordinary monsters

[Game] Dungeon Crusher – Soul Hunters

Dungeon Crusher  The First season of the Dragon Draft is finally here

Install/Update now and test your skills against thousands of other players from around the world. Unique awards apply.

Play it with just one finger!
Simple and instantly addictive gameplay!

The game is for real lazy ones, doesn’t require a lot of time: the characters explore dungeons even if you’re offline. All you need to do is take your reward from time to time.

The combat mechanics of the PvP competition is unique to games of this genre – collected heroes may be used both for leveling and for building arena squads to compete against other players in various competitions.

Key features of the game:

Over 100 unique characters.
Unique PvP combat mechanics.
9 powerful skills to be used in combat.
Loot equipment from monsters
Craft new items with 1000’s of recipes
Clans and their development.
8 science trees with over 100 different skills.
Over 60 special artifacts.
Battles with hundreds of different monsters.
PvP-mode against other players.
More than 10 amazing locations.
More than 10000 levels.
Daily tasks, quests and other objectives.

Some of game modes:
Pass the caves and battle with the ordinary monsters.
Search artifacts in special caves.
Story mode which tells you about the game world.
Battle with legendary bosses.
Random combats with other players during the adventure.
Arena: compete with other players.
Mines: collect great treasures with your characters.

Dungeon Crusher user reviews :

Honesty: Yes, there are some very apparent money sinking aspects to the game… However, the game is technically f2p friendly, and there are quests that give back some of what you spend. I’m particularly impressed by the reward system built into the Siege aspect. I’d recommend some kind of tutorial be implemented… though it’s great to have some excellent fanmade supports from igroglaz on YouTube, & the Wikia site. I’m thoroughly hooked.

Ive been playing this game for 10 months. If you’re free to play it’s hard to advance. I am not free to play. Ive been told that the game is rigged and I’m starting to believe it. If you spend too little or too much money your chances of getting arbiters is less. If your spending money they increase your chances a little too encourage more spending. If however you spend too much money they lower your cuteness because you’re going to spend the money anyways.
  • Towards Mars Ltd
  • Brent, Thank you for the review; the game is in active development, please stay tuned.

New update added new game mode.i was super excited for this update. Great concept behind the new battle chess mode. Started out very buggy but they fixed the problems with the following update. They introduced a new siege schedule to battle the laggyness of the siege system. Good concept but so far little effect for American players. Very happy with the update progress over the last 3 months. Hiring to see new fixes soon. Ps. After games birthday maybe it’s time to let price of shop hero’s.

I don’t see what everyone’s problem is. Besides bugs here and there but no game is perfect right. This one in particular hits all the rights spots I love in a idle game. very relaxing, lots of content to experience and very free to play friendly, however it can be grindy at times but nothing to grindy to keep me off the game as I’m always back for more. Keep up the good work devs!
  • Towards Mars Ltd
  • Matthew, Many thanks!

This game is not bad but one BIG CON is you get Banned from the game if you use more than one finger or tap way too fast. If you tap the speed the tutorial tells you to tap the game is fine nothing happens try to tap faster to fly through the levels and you’ll get a band warning temporary band for 10 minutes, do it again and you get permanently banned. On tapping games I always use two figures, you cannot do that on this game or you’ll get banned. Played on three different devices.

Power Attacked siege boss 4 times and could not get one hit on boss, can’t put service ticket or talk to support…won once in arena, haven’t been close again…this is a pay to win game. As to your response, maybe you should have better explaintions in the game… even your wiki is lacking. I would rate this game even lower if i could…
  • Towards Mars Ltd
  • Dan, Power attack doesn’t mean an instant kill – gather a good party before. Arena winrate is > 99%, perhaps you forgot to upgrade your PvP skills at the corresponding menu tab?
Super easy game, no money needed to improve or progress at all. It is an afk game, where you earn progress even when offline.
  • Towards Mars Ltd
  • Thanks!

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