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DuoCards  DuoCard is an app that will help you to learn a new language or improve vocabulary for the ones that you already know.

Learn languages with flashcards and video language courses. Use our vocabulary builder to find new words!

Learn English, Spanish, French, German, Russian or other languages quickly with our app for learning languages free. These simple language online courses will improve your vocabulary quickly and seamlessly.

In DuoCards you will learn languages with videos and by using flashcards – Learn English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Italian, etc.

Language Flashcards Learning Method with Space Repetition
This modern language learning app uses flashcards to view foreign words, phrases or sentences to the learner. Once you have picked a language you want to learn, you will swipe and sort the cards as known or unknown. Space repetition algorithm will then take care of when you should repeat the words to properly memorize the vocabulary.

Guess Words and Phrases to sharpen skills
In learning mode you will tap on the language flashcards to turn it on your native language side and you swipe right the flash cards if you guessed it correctly. Learn English words (or other language) meanings or basic words in your native language and swipe left on the words that you do not know.

Integrated translator
Thanks to Integrated Translator most of the foreign languages are ready to use. You can pick by your desire and learn English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Italian, Russian, Korean, Japanese, or any other from 50+ foreign languages.

Vocabulary Builder and Performance tracker
Save the new words in your English vocabulary decks and see the progress on the dashboard. See which words you know, words you want to learn, and completely learned words with just a glimpse!

Video Language Courses
You can watch any public video from YouTube with subtitles and learn from it. By clicking on unknown words you will pause the video and display the translations.

Read Foreign Language Articles
You can also read articles in a foreign language to learn a new language or learn new English words.

Features of DuoCards – Language Learning with Flashcards & Videos:

Simple and easy foreign language learning app for free
Language flashcards learning technique for quick retention of information
Tap on any flashcard to see the English flashcard and learn the meaning
Learn languages free from a collection of world languages in your free time
Clutter-free, minimal and appealing foreign language learner app layout
Use vocabulary builder to find new words, phrases and sentences in other languages
Learn English words from your native language or learn a new language easily
Easy swiping and tapping controls to move the language flashcards
Save the phrases, words, and sentences you want to learn in other languages
Enter guess mode to evaluate your language learning free skills
Use the integrated translator to learn languages free and save new words
Add words from shared sets or read foreign language articles
Share words you don’t know with Duo Cards and learn their meaning

Are you ready to learn a new language by using a powerful language learning app? The new learn languages free app is here to help you.

Download and use DuoCards – Language Learning Flashcards today! Learn a new language fast and easily with our video language courses. Vocabulary builder – Memorize it easily and improve your vocabulary!

DuoCards user reviews :

I love the UI and the way it resurfaces vocabulary that you have had trouble with in the past. It’s a fantastic memorization tool. Unfortunately, I discovered that a LOT of the publicly available Spanish flashcards are entirely wrong, or are missing an accent mark, etc. so the app has done a great job of helping me memorize a lot of incorrect vocabulary. It would be nice if the card sets could be officially verified or something, so users know if the information is valid.
  • DuoCards
  • Could you please share with us which public sets are with mistakes? Because we already reviewed spanish completely some time ago and we will review it again if you give us more details at info[at]duocards.com Thank you Btw: in every public set is feedback button for issues like that
I find this app very useful but I do have a few points of feedback: 1. It has a feature that purposefully stops the algorithm from learning which cards you have mesmerized if you swipe right on several in a row. This is quite annoying because I have to swipe left on one that I know to keep the tracking of learned words working. I would like to see that removed from the app. 2. Spanish has many variations across the world but this app only let’s you select European Spanish.
  • DuoCards
  • Thank you for feedback! Could you please reach us at info[at]duocards.com? We can discuss more here. In sort: 1) the algorithm is optimized to show you exactly what you should be forgetting. 2) You can pick any accent for the voice (premium) but for specific written form it would be hard for us to maintain more dialects.

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