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Encircle  Finally. After years of searching, the app I’ve been looking for.

This does everything I need on multiple platforms. Can one app inspire so much love? If it’s Encircle, it can! How? Our app is a home inventory app, field documentation app, and an insurance productivity tool. So whether you’re mitigating a loss, managing a claim, or creating a home inventory, we got you covered.

Called to losses only to discover that the ‘flood’ is just a puddle? Not anymore! Peer into the severity of the loss before you’re even on site with our Link tool. Use the remote insights to triage claims and send the right personnel and equipment the first time.

Struggling to create consistent, accurate scopes? Not with Encircle. Our scoping tools guides the user to help them create consistent, detailed scopes in minutes on their mobile device.

Tired of waiting for paperwork? So are we! That’s why we’ve made it easy to get customer approvals and sign-off immediately with forms and documents customized to meet your needs.

Whether you’re mitigating a flooded basement or a large commercial loss, our tool helps you get dry with an easy-to-follow workflow, equipment tracking, helpful alerts, and automated reports. Even better, use the dehumidifier and air mover calculators to quickly determine how much equipment is needed on the job.

Step into the future with an app that allows you to streamline, manage, and complete on-site and virtual property inspections. Even better, save time and money by eliminating the need for multiple on-site visits.

We got you covered! Use our free home inventory app to quickly and accurately document the contents of your home. Use it for moving and estate planning, or creating documentation for insurance claims.


Moisture and Psychrometrics
Custom Forms and Documents
Contents and Inventory Listing
Digital Signature Capture
Store and share data in one location
Works offline

*Note you can select whether you are a homeowner, contractor, or an insurance professional within the app.

Encircle user reviews :

Awesome awesome app. And it is totally free. No ads at all. Very very simple to use. Has tons of features. I wish if it was possible to put subcategory in rooms like boxes and things inside boxes. I got around by arranging rooms with boxes in between them and also showing boxes as rooms content. A bit odd but totally workable. It uploads pictures to their server and can be updated from multiple devices from family members running same account. Can also log in from desktop. 5 stars.

Love this app. Easy to use. Great features. My favorite feature is using a whole room picture for adding individual items. Makes it so much easier/quicker than taking individual pictures of everything. Some have said you can only add one picture. All you have to do do for more is add a picture under the note section and you can have as many pictures of the item you want. Makes a great pdf file of items with pictures to send to who I need as well.

Very good app, wish there was abiblity to add more than 1 photo for each individual item though. And ability to add shelf+shelf contents instead of having to just add everything in one room

Excellent and free home inventory app. Unmentioned feature: quickly snap photos of all your items, then login on a PC and quickly enter the name of the item, press enter and it moves to the next one. Huge time saver! Only thing I wish it had is a way to keep track of the location, inside a room, that houses the item (box number, etc).
  • Encircle
  • Hey Jason – Thanks for the review! We’re happy to hear our app helped save time while documenting your home inventory.
Excellent very intuitive app, records essential information very easily. Very quick to build up an inventory of household items for insurance purposes. Able to create individual rooms, take general photos then list the individual items with overall photo then add a model /serial number photo. Also able to look up replacement costs and add that to the record. All in all great way to easily achieve a fairly mundane but useful task. Syncs accross devices and can be viewed / edited on PC as well.
  • Encircle
  • Hey Ed – Thank you for your review! We’re happy to hear that you found Encircle intuitive and easy-to-use for your home inventory.
Overall great app, but crashing now since latest update when attempting to edit inspection date. Also, if app was previously set to use wifi only, won’t load anything when not connected to wifi (hangs with revolving orange circle after initial splaah screen load ) until you are on a wifi network, useless in the field. Would be great to have option to select alternative camera lens if available (superwide or telephoto).
  • Encircle
  • Hi Drew, Thanks for your review. The crashing issue has been resolved in V4.3.1. If running on WiFi-only, our app will show cached data and only download new claims once it detects WiFi. For offline use, open a claim (when on WiFi) and click “Download Data” to cache it. Lastly, thanks for the feedback – we’ve passed it on to our product team!

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