Epic Conquest 2 – An open world with all kinds of treasures and resources

[Game] Epic Conquest 2

Epic Conquest 2   Epic Conquest 2 is a classic Single-Player Action/Adventure RPG with special touch in the combat and story, giving you the experience that’s hard to find in similar genre!

This project is carefully crafted by a small but passionate team of 4 ppl. And if you already played Epic Conquest before, you’ll notice how far this game has evolved!

Game Features

An open world with all kinds of treasures and resources to strengthen your character!

More skills to choose!
Each character now has 8 skills and 8 masteries! Mix and match the skills to suit your build.

Wide options of character build
Classic Attribute Distribution (STR / INT / AGI / DEX / VIT) to match your desirable playstyle.

Classic Blacksmith and Equipment System
Craft, Enhance, and Upgrade your equipment to tackle harder challenges!

Variety of Costumes to Collect
Buy Costumes for your beloved character to change his/her appearance, and get a decent boost of power.

Cloud Save
You can save and load between devices. Never lose your progress!

Other Great Features
Simple yet beautiful old-school graphics
Offline. You can play anywhere without internet connection
No need to pay or watch Ads, unless you want to support us!

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Epic Conquest 2 user reviews :

The game is well put together and the story is intruiging but compared to the previous game “Epic Conquest”, it lacks in the story plot. The first game had a nice novel kind of feeling when reading the conersations, and the cutscene from the beginning had nice touch to it. That’s why I am giving it 4*. Still is a lot of fun to play!
  • Gaco Games
  • Dear Player, thank you for playing Epic Conquest 2. If you have some constructive criticism/suggestions, you can share it to our Discord or Facebook

This is a very good game with nice graphics and combat, however you can’t rotate the camera, the map is a little bit confusing and most importantly the healing of your character especially during combat should be faster . I hope the developers will consider these and make the game better but in all it’s a good game and I really love the anime theme in it.

This game is really great but i have problem when I’m in combat because sometimes the attacks don’t hit the enemies and she is so slow in healing that’s why the enemies always interrupt the healing, i think it’s better if she don’t need to raise her hand just to heal cause it takes time and sometimes i fall from the game when going to the next destination but it’s still great. I hope the developers can make more games like this. Edit: I hope you can make another great game like this…

I love the story…Unfortunately, the game says that I guess to be continued? I really want more so I suggest the main character still don’t know what she is. And that futuristic guy will study the main character, more bosses, cutscenes. and I have an issue… If I keep tapping the attack button, it doesn’t hit the target like she hits a wrong target or something, please improve it.. Overall it was a great app and I really appreciate your effort. I hope more updates? In the game.5Starz for you

It’s one of the best mobile games there is, for a team of small devs, this game is quite impressive. The gameplay is good, the story so far is decent, and characters are just cool looking, especially Chase that dude looks amazing. The only thing I have a bit of a problem with is the camera angles and animation, the art style is ok, but the animation looks unsmooth, like look when (spoiler) Alaster protected Claris from the thunder wolf, it looks unnatural. As for angles, I hope u can adjust them

A great game with 7 or so hours of story content, including a tiny bit of farming on the side. I finished it all in 1 night, though. I just couldn’t stop… It’s only not a 5 star review because the story is incomplete and there’s not many weapons. Well, and farming for upgrade materials is hard…

Finished game! Took a star away cause your wording in the story could have been better. I love how its full of chat and cutscenes. Doesn’t feel too grindish. Would love more items to drop from bosses. Maybe add a collect of books to the game. Its a time saving way too add dept and history to the game. I dont mind hunting for them/buying from random people with gold.

I actually played the first epic conquest, and to be honest this one is kind of better… I didn’t have problems but I just wanna suggest something…. Maybe a 3-d background? I kind of find it hard to control the way I’m going when it’s backwards, especially when I’m fighting monsters, like I’m going back to the capital but I can’t see the monsters in front of me, unlike when I go to the forest, the monsters can be viewed. In conclusion, it’s a really fun game, Hope the update comes soon!

The game is good for an offline rpg but the only problem I encounter is the daily reward or missions, because, the time there is not real time. What I mean is you will have to play it for too long to make the clock count. So please can someone understand my frustration bout that? Thank you in advance.

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