Expanse RTS – The mankind has left the Earth to settle other planets

[Game] Expanse RTS

Expanse RTS  Expanse RTS a new strategy game from the developers of the RedSun RTS!

Fight for energy resources on a distant planet during the galactic expansion!

25th century. The mankind has left the Earth to settle other planets.

One of the Ark ships arrived in the star system but eventually no habitable planets were discovered. It led to a conflict between three factions — the scientists, the workers and the military — arisen on a planet with the best living conditions.

Each faction wanted to fulfill its new task — to stay here, to fly further or to return home.

But there is only one ship and the planet’s resources are not enough even for two factions. Who will win? It’s up to you! Choose a faction that you will lead to victory!

You will find:

The classic real-time strategy.
3 fractions, each with its own characteristics and balance features
More than 30 single player missions in 3 campaigns
Complete multiplayer mode
Rating system based on Elo rating system

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Expanse RTS user reviews :

It’s C&C but with less atmospheric music. The intro needs a cool narrator voice – Morgan Freeman? The tutorial is so so. AI is stupodly focused on killing harvesters so it was piss easy to demolish it. I literally breezed through the first 3 missions without any sweat. UI is serviceable but a way to create “attack groups” would be nice – hard without a mouse i know. How about a square pre-selection and all units in it can be the group, then once selected they are assigned an icon alfa, beta, etc

Overall, it plays like a RTS base builder. Which I really appreciate. Feels a bit C&C and alright graphics. However, this game has some seriously awkward controls. Ways to select a section of units is almost offensive, and winning a Skirmish is down right silly. Destroy their MCV, but nope, we can just keep building. Sometimes two buildings at the exact same time. The game goes from a strategy game, to more of a zerg rush horde mode, having to overwhelm three structures that keep repeating.

This is just like Dune 2000. Identical. Thank you for this. So much nostalgia.

Great game overall. Only one complaint. The app is called expansion on my phone instead of expanse.

Great game like Art of War and Warcraft Strategy game can we make battallion troops like Redsun but add more big map my friend

A rather poor Dune 2000 clone. Controls and UI have been copied from the PC game with way too many buttons for a mobile game. Units walk off cliffs and through buildings. The game opens with a giant text infodump.

Best RTS Game I’ve ever played on mobile!!! The game is like C&C Generals or C&C Red Alert but its kinda weird to play first time on mobile but I got used to it btw I don’t know if this game is on PC/Laptop if not I hope you devs will add this game on PC/Laptop. Well I guarantee this game to people who loves RTS, btw 5 Star Guaranteed

It was good it was a good game but can you make a 3D and the sunshine with you like you can place buildings and also can build underground structures like looking more videos of Warcraft blizzards look at how they made there’s try do the same things that I did way more than you think okay then people start download to so badly they really want it

I like this one a little better than RS, the controls seem to be better optimized for touchscreen, which is nice, not perfect though, other games (like warfare incorporated) have done better. The plot is interesting, about this factions trying to simply survive, but not being able to agree about the right way to go, none of them can afford to compromise, it’s everything or nothing. Only wish didn’t have to watch an ad after each mission, other than that, good old-school rts.

This game could be amazing if it was possible to build only what you need. The building list needs to be scrolled to reach war factory, but every other building is being built because it only needs to be touched to start building. Fix the build menu and make building selection effective. When the screen is touched in order to scroll down the building list, buildings on the list are being built on the way down to what you want to build. I play on S9+

Great reproduction of the original PC game, however there are some glitches preventing gameplay from being possible in some instances.

Great game its command and conquer for phones

This game is a dream come true for me, online Dune 2000, only trouble is harvester returning supplies. There are only 3 different maps for multiplayer and 1v1 type? This is nice to have on my mobile. — (-extra- after playing for some time this game feels very close to being perfect, in my opinion the skirmish/multiplayer just needs the starport/superweapons, unit types/grenadier saboteur heavygun and stealth infantry. Also with some interesting maps then this game is above and beyond.)

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