Extreme Demolition – Destroy your enemies

[Game] Extreme Demolition

Extreme Demolition  The first demolition derby game for free is now available NOW WITH MULTIPLAYER !

You can enjoy three various tracks with your Dongy car. Destroy your enemies, earn some money and upgrade your car to maximum power.

If you like this game, please don’t hesitate to give us five stars. For more amazing 3D games please donate.

This game need high performance. Only dual core smartphones are recomended. If you can’t play without lags, please send me e-mail and no give bad rating.

Thank You
Cableek Games

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Q: I can’t play multiplayer.
A: Multiplayer isn’t finished yet. It will be available in next update.

Q: I can’t change quality.
A: Sometimes the game lag when it resample textures, please try click to left down corner or restart game.

Q: The game crash after click on track or when the game is loading.
A: This game needs dual core device. If you have old or low-end smartphone, please report me that you can’t play it by e-mail and no give me bad rating for it.

Extreme Demolition user reviews :

It used to be my favorite game as a kid.. I was obsessed with it, it’s sad the creator is gone now. I wonder what happened to them… This game could have been so much more.

It crashes everytime i lose or win a game, keeps progress, but i still dislike the crashing (no pun intended) overall great game, love it. Used to play it back in middle school

Great game fun to play but I have noticed that the AI is slightly rigged. When there in chase mode, there impossible to shake, they never get traction loss nore do they hit any props and on the fan map. If I might them drive over it. They somehow always land right side up and facing you, even after flipping like 3 times. Which is a load of rubbish. It’s like there a homing missile or something. Please fix the AI

Absolutely amazing, i have played this alot from 2014-2020 i kept downloading it uninstalling it then downloading it 5 months later, its extremely fun and it has made great memories, if you wanna have fun then i suggest downloading this game its perfecto

I LOVE THIS GAME!!! It’s sad to see it not getting the attention it needs. I love the way the game is right now. If the developers do give it more updates I hope they let us play the version it is now, and the upcomming ones. THANK YOU FOR MAKING A VERY FUN GAME!!! I once played it in my Biology class, everyone was wanting to know the name, but sadly they couldn’t dowload it due to it only beong on the Play Store.

Great job man this game is better than Derby Demolition 2,3 . Just one thing is missing. Could you please make the cars break a little more on collisions . And also please add some new cars . Overall the graphics and controls are amazing but it’s hard to earn money and the Multiplayer doesn’t work

it’s not as good as it was. I originally had this game 3 or 4 years ago and it made alot of fun memories with my brother when we couldnt do much of anything else. but now it crashes everytime you win or lose and resets your game. I dont see the point in getting it again now

I’ve played this game so much in the past. but when i came back to play it, i couldn’t, because every time i die&win the game crashes and I’d get no money. I love this game I’ve completed it like 4 times, so plz fix

Great game, needs better physics I love the game and completed all levels. I wish there were even more maps. The physics could improve drastically. The tires and other obstructions don’t have to completely take down the car’s momentum and path. Destruction Derby on the PC is a good game to pick up clues from.

Good Game. New Multiplayer Features I want a manual LAN IP host connect option added. I want online multiplayer added. and if possible multiplayer Bluetooth. Thanks

This game is too cool to be free. The game is awesome. The multiple cars and levels is great. Also the soccer balls that fall down from the sky in the soccer field map is cool!

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