Extreme Difficult Sudoku 2500 – You may be able to become a genius

[Game] Extreme Difficult Sudoku 2500

Extreme Difficult Sudoku 2500  For those of you who aren’t satisfied with regular sudoku, we’ve put together a seriously perplexing puzzle collection!

There are five categories to choose from—Normal, Cross, Jigsaw, Cross Jigsaw and Inequality—each with 500 puzzles each, for a total of 2500 puzzles!
It’s totally free to play!

If you solve every puzzle, you may be able to become a genius!?

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Extreme Difficult Sudoku 2500 user reviews :

I really like sudokus, these are challenging, exactly what I wanted. I don’t know if this is something that can be changed, but every time I want to check if my number is in the right place, it shows that an ad isn’t available. But everytime i finish one sudoku, suddenly an ad pops up…if it’s not changeable I understand but it is annoying…thank you for a great game.

Good app with uncloseable ads. I enjoy the puzzles and the interface is nice and simple. But the fact that I can’t close the ads is so annoying, I have to play the ads (they are the playable ones) then let it take me to Play Store to close the ad. I’m totally ok with the ads that you have to watch them for 15-30 secs before you can close it [emphasis on CLOSE]. If you are ok with uncloseable ads, go for it, this is a good app but I can’t take it.

Partly distracted by few adds runnimg at botton part. And dislike those Japanese or Korean ads inbetween two puzzles.

Not bad overall but at least one puzzle with multiple solutions, and a number which are faulty and cannot be solved.

Difficulty is not as promised: I solved the highest level in 45 minutes, and this time even includes filling the notes, because the app doesn’t automatically do it! Other possible improvements: the yellow colour for selected number and notes is not as visible, it doesn’t have an analysis functionality to check the level of a given puzzle, you cannot import and export puzzles, it doesn’t have a mode which supports exploring “what if” scenarios: lot of room for improvement…

I really like this game! But I think when you add a number (for example 7), then all the notes with the number 7 on the same rows and in the same house should be deleted. You should implement a couple of features such as this one to really polish the game off. But even so, it’s very enjoyable!

This is the best sudoku app so far. It took me about 6 months to solve all the puzzles except inequality (for some reason there’s no 3×3 grids??), so it’d be great if there were more levels. I’m going to keep the app to replay, but I hope there will be more levels soon

The entries that the player makes could be made bolder. At times it’s too faint especially for guys with weak eyesight. Additionally you could also provide for a hint if the player asks for it. Making an entry and then checking whether it is correct is rather awkward

Appreciate the large number of puzzles, but the fact that entering a “big” number doesn’t automatically erase the notes for that number in all other squares is pretty annoying… you need to manually erase them once you’ve entered that number in its spot.

There’s no way to disable highlights. Also no way to change the theme. If you could add a “no help” mode, so it’s as hard as it can be, that would be great. All the highlights and hints take away from the “extremely difficult” sudoku.

The game is extremely challenging but it empowered me to battle with the difficult ones

Love it! The inequality gameboards are challenging – I played through them all and wish there were more. Ads only at the end of games and easy to skip.
  • Ohte, Inc.
  • レビューをお寄せいただき、ありがとうございます。 また、ご不便をおかけいたしまして、大変申し訳ございません。 いただいた情報を元に調査をさせていただき、順次対応を進めてまいります。 どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。

This is better on my phone.the menu doesn’t work on kindle fire. The game also crashes. I just downloaded it, so I have the latest version. I’d definitely would rate it a 5 on my phone. Kindle version is a 3.

The inequality puzzle bring a new spin to solving sudoku however the puzzles are flawed there are many ways to solve the puzzles and the computer won’t accept multiple so the game is flawed after all having multiple ways to solve a sudoku makes the sudoku itself flawed. Fun nonetheless and great brain exercise

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