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Gacha Animator  Gacha Animator is the new evolution in the world of Gacha.

Gacha Animator is specifically designed for animation, focused on animation. But it also allows you to create custom poses for your characters and export them to PNG files.


Custom poses
Custom animations
Built-in character creator (under development)
Unlimited number of characters
Unlimited number of poses
Unlimited number of animations
4K export to PNG image

If you notice any bugs, please report them to bugs[at]

You can also play

Gacha Animator user reviews :

I love this app However I have a few problems with it. 1: It’s confusing of how to put the music in an animation. Suggestion: Can you make the color of the hair like we choose one color and it also does the rest? It’ll make it a little easier to customize colors in the hair and the clothes. Otherwise This app is great I am looking forward for future updates

Awesome but could be improved! One of the things that I think could use some improvement would be the music panel. Whenever I try to add music to my animation, it is hard to understand how to upload music and where to get it from. I wish there was an “upload music from camera”, “upload music from recordings”, or something along those lines so that it would be easier to know where I can get music from. The app could also make green screen easier. But app is great overall!

i love it! honestly, in my opinion i find it hard to tween and animate, and with this app i can make any animation i desire! (not gacha heat tho!!never gacha heat) just things id like in future updates would be, more clothing/body selections, be able to animate 2 characters at once, and background change, if you add that i would LOVE this app even more!

I’d like to suggest something. Can we have a hide option that will let us animate only one body part at a time. Like sometimes I need only the lip syncing part. So if I could animate only the lips movement without the body and face it would be of great help :D besides from that love the app!!

It’s great But the body won’t load Every time I open uninstall or Turn off my internet It doesn’t work The Animation is great but the body is Not working for me, Sorry if I’m just being Dumb, This is not a complaint!! I love this but that’s the only problem

This app is very good I don’t like it, I love it and the app is very useful when to lazy to take pictures of body parts then put them back together, but please add hair motion and clothing motion. You can add that whenever you want, I can wait Also keep up the good work, you have an amazing future waiting for you

OK, I found the open mouth’s but, I still think that you should put some colors back, some of them aren’t even related to gacha heat, also mind adding some more accessories, clothes, hair, eyes, etc?

At the start it’s fine. So, I start pressing ‘Create Character’ since I didn’t have one. Then, it logged out, and I went back in. When I kept logging back in it kept logging out again. When it didn’t log out, I couldn’t click anything because of the buttons won’t work even if I click them. I know this is still in progress, but this is just ridiculous. I think it might be for computers, but my device is a tablet Samsung galaxy. Please, make is less logging out. I tried and tried, it didn’t work.

Hello! This app is GREAT!! it can let you animate and things! i like it but the thing is…… that when i go to get my animation on my gallery… dosent work but the thing why is put it a 5 out of 5 because this can help me! but can u please put some props it will help me! Thank you!

its a great app 100% recommend for beginners great app but there is a very limited option on eyes so please change that and also could you please add full body tweening that would be great and three other things please make the animations a little faster because every time i look at one of my animations it goes really slow and please add uploading msic from recording or something like that! and add 2 character animating at once so could please fix thoose if you do this app would be perfect!

The app is fun I really love the animation! But i have a problem I made an animation i worked for 2 hours for it i saved it and etc. But when i came back my animation was gone.

This app is great! by the way maybe change the eye highlights a bit since it looks a bit weird. So I do recommend this app if you don’t know how to animate

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