Game of the Gods – A world of high adventure awaits you

[Game] Game of the Gods (Text Based Choice RPG)

Game of the Gods  Game of the Gods is a text-based medieval fantasy roleplaying game.

You guide the choices of Tokar, a mercenary with a dark past, directing his struggle to survive as you piece together his back story. Gain resources based on your decisions throughout the chapters, and earn rewards at the end of each one. A world of high adventure awaits you!

Game of the Gods user reviews :

Fun game, However there are some features that seem almost pointless. Such as gold. Though, I am playing the free version, So maybe that is addressed in the full version.

Pretty much the sort of adventure I’ve been looking for. The writing is decent: Tokar is basic enough as a character that I can put myself in his shoes and start the adventure immediately. Use of a lot of the usual fantasy tropes meant that I could start and easily understand the roles of characters and potential threats. I wouldn’t mind more choices, but the ones given are straightforward enough that they make sense. Still on my first playthrough, but the journey’s been fun so far.

Bottom line is that Tolkien-quality literature isn’t going to come from a game app, but hey, this one’s better written than other text adventures I’ve tried so I’ll give it five stars. There are some unusual design choices, such as a backpack that can only contain one item — not sure why it’s there, doesn’t seem to affect gameplay at all — but this is a work in progress, with more chapters to come. I’ve completed the existing four, will give the next one(s) a go when they come in, and might even replay the first four to try to better my score.

Good story, but the point of a cyoa game is to give you 2 equal choices and ask you to choose between them. Making one choice require energy and one choice free just makes this game a but less fun.. Now I’m not making a choice because I want to, but because I don’t want to run out of energy, and that just ruins the game a bit

Its fun at first, but every time you choose the wrong option, you die immediately and have to spend points (which cost money eventually) to redo the option, or start all the way back at the beginning and try to remember your choices. I get that you need a way to make money, but it just rubs me the wrong way.

Plot line is adventuruous and is perfect for young teens/pre teens. This means the writing style is more to-the-point, the options to choose from are quite straightforward. Overall a good attemp in making a young gen interesting/casual/fun read.

Just finished chapter 1. Top quality so far, im impressed. The author is a dam good writer, the history is cool and engaging. I dare to say this is as good as livingstone and jackson’s books. More pictures would make it even better for immersion. I will write more after i finish the game!

Wicked story — had my interest immediately & kept me totally engaged & spellbound throughout. The characters, setting, and timeline are incredibly well developed for total immersion. Would love more from this author.

Easy pick up and play story game. It isn’t hard. Not alot of choices. But its fun. Not sure of replayability.

A great story and suspenseful choices make this game very enjoyable. One of the better choice based games on Google Play. My favourite parts are the uncommon but beautifully drawn sketches that popup once in a while.

Just finished the first chapter and so far enjoying it. The dialogue is good, the background lore is detailed and interesting. A few more choice options in the story line might be good, but this is only after the first chapter. Look forward to continuing.

a simple yet interactive game with somewhat relatable characters, but i would like if there was a library where you could learn the meaning of certain words along with how you highlight the words

Ummh… Well it’s a great game great story,good choices,well the map is a little off by the way it’s gets a little inaudible when you zoom it well all’s well but the next chapter is sure is taking it’s time so maybe you could make it faster? That would be great that’s all tnx!!!

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