Gangs of the Magic Realm – The Illusory Realm is run by magi

[Game] Gangs of the Magic Realm – Otome Romance

Gangs of the Magic Realm  Discover your true love in this unique Romance Otome Game from Genius Inc!


You’ve been running a cafe as a barista for a few years now. Your parents are long since deceased and your younger brother went missing a few years back. As a side gig, you also help sweep the magical ash that falls as “Gray Rain” in your world – remnants of magic from the other side, the Illusory Realm. Weak magi don’t use their magic efficiently, creating a byproduct that pollutes the Mundane World. The No-Contact Treaty prevents these two worlds from interacting and that’s fine by you. The Illusory Realm is run by magi…and everyone knows magi are a lawless bunch.

One day, two attractive young men visit your cafe. After overhearing their conversation, you figure out that they might just be from the IR! Worse, you have a suspicion that they just might be able to help you find your missing brother. On an impulse, you try to follow them back to their own world…and suddenly you realize the whole situation is much bigger than just finding your brother. Can you help stop the fanatical group Chimera? Is your brother even alive? And you may just find yourself falling for one of the sexy men of the Kuhn Family, one of the most power crime families of the IR…


Easily the most charismatic of the bunch and a natural-born leader, Zev runs the show. He keeps Ezekiel in line with ease and depends on Nolan to fill in the finer details of an operation. Like you, he’s searching for someone – his brother’s murderer. He’s not afraid to throw himself under the bus for the people he cares about…could that be you? While Zev can manipulate water, his preferred method is to just freeze his enemies. There’s also a secret behind that eye patch…

Ezekiel would be cute…if he’d just keep his mouth shut. He’s sullen, irritable, and clearly hates you from the get-go. Even though he’d follow Zev to the grave, he still drives Nolan insane with his abrasive attitude and casual approach to his duties. His past is complicated and you get the feeling that certain topics are a sore subject. Can you go toe-to-toe with his snark? Ezekiel can manipulate fire…and is easily one of the most powerful pyromagi.

Kind, thoughtful, and meticulous are words Zev might use to describe Nolan. Ezekiel might say he’s overly critical or micromanaging. Regardless of what his family members think, he’s nothing but friendly and gracious to you. Despite his pleasant nature, he hates Chimera with a shocking vehemence for reasons unknown to you and he seems to have a complex of sorts…will you help him unravel it? He can throw lightning and temporarily nullify the magic of others.

Gangs of the Magic Realm user reviews :

Good storyline kept me intrigued. Only downside is 95% of the choices you need gems to make the obvious choice.

Plz this was really very good. It was quite catchy and once you start you feel like you can’t stop. I cant belive its over already. Im gonna miss this story.

Wow and amazing I don’t know what am I say about this game but I am two advice fist : this game is amazing. second : wow

Such a great story, even though it was short.

Am at loss of what to say this is a breathtaking story i have ever read

Look its a good story, but why is the choices so expensive. If they were lower I’d buy more gems. Some of the choices that are free are rude. Also the casino dressing change choice was stupid af, it wouldn’t let me go with the story. I’ve gotten a lot of your apps and they do this. And the gems I’ve paid for at the end of the story that I can’t use because its not enough for some of the choices.

Its really good!!! I actually fell in love with a fictional character- I love the designs also love how there is amgic in this. If your a pay to win then good luck i aint payin dollars you can earn rubies by getting points! You have to trade points for rubies. I also love the story line and very dramatic i actually blushed when Ezekiel went closer to my face on the chocolate game. Ahh i really love it!

I LOVE the story line! It inspires me to create my own stories thank you especially for not pressuring us to only make one choice that is good just because you need points for some choices! I feel at ease that this indeed is a fair game! this game is over 9000

This game is tooo good….all the choices including premium ones don’t affect much to the story….over all the game is more mature than other ones I have played so far. It’s worth a shot

this is literally my favourite game till now, the storyline seems legit and even without paid choices we get some crumbs, tysm! hope to see more such

The only issue I have with this game is that all the premium choices are between 25 and 30 diamonds… Free diamonds can be earned however you have to wait 5 hours between watching ads and can only watch one and only get 30 coins per ad. It takes about 350 coins to transfer into enough diamonds to buy one premium choice. They do have a slot machine game that also gives out coins, and that is a once daily thing.

Look this game was your best one yet for sure I haven’t seen any new ones yet and thought I could give you some ideas so here goes, a western themed one, one where we’re the werewolf, or maybe another mafia one but this time we’re the leader but we use are power for good, last one but what if instead of a my famous boyfriend we’re the famous one. I don’t mean to be rude or anything just trying to help and mabey relieve a little stress I hope you take some of these into consideration. Good luck!!

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