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Glory Road

Large war strategy game Glory Road 2018 new version, Valentine’s Day party!

Strive to create a more perfect gaming experience.

During the several decades of King Edmund’s reign, the Kingdom of Glory had been peaceful. However, the king’s younger brother had been coveting the throne, and he has even decided to launch a war to usurp the throne because King Edmund’s son would soon inherit the throne.

In order to win the war, he signed a contract with the Night Demon – the lord of demons. He sold his soul to the Night Demon and he thus gained a large number of Wights in return to dispatch.

In the end, King Edmund died during the war and he handed over the throne to the prince before he died. Since then, the new king has been taking up the heavy responsibility to fight against his uncle and also the Wights, rebuilding his homeland and reviving the kingdom…

In contrast with traditional simulation games, this game has more elements of strategy and development.

In the game, you can build your own territories, rally troops, develop arms, cultivate dragons, and fight together with various heroes and even gods. Like traditional simulation games, it has a siege system, too. In addition, it has numerous elements of war, including adventure, military exercises, Dragon Treasure, battle for capitals, battle for the throne, and so on.

The game also has various mechanisms to boost player interaction such as alliance gathering and the Magic Garden. Just start playing with players from all over the world.

We’ve been working hard to make the gaming environment fair. We’ve just added a limit to the kingdom level, and also added a lot of new ways to earn gold and other resources for free.

Gameplay & Functions
Real-time Translation System
The chatting system supports real-time translation of all languages to remove communication barriers.

Global Competition
Players from all over the world will compete in the 7 capital cities around the throne.

Kingdom Level
For fairness reason, players will raise the level cap of their own castles step by step.

Alliance Gathering
Build forts for your alliances and expand your alliance’s territory.
Gather resources together with your friends to increase output of resources.

War Supplies
By leveling your castle up, you can earn a number of troops directly.
When you’ve lost a lot in war, you can trigger war supplies to get tons of free resources as compensation.

Casual PVP
Compete with players from all over the world at any time to earn glory.
Battles in the arena will not cause losses.

Cultivate Dragons
Hatch Blue Dragons and Red Dragons to make them fight by your side.

Recruit Heroes
Raise the affinity level of your legendary heroes, to make your troops much stronger.

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QQ group: 606861217

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Glory Road user reviews :

The game is actually good… But there is just no way you can reach out to the developers in time of crisis so spend wisely

Really good Game at one time, one of my most favorite games but now there is no updates or anything new happening so I sadly have to stop play. Hopefully development will look into 2021 new update , finally an update & I am pleased hopefully the player crowd will increase also with new update like the good day’s in kingdom 1

Great game easy naviation and play

A very interactive game. However, a very highly game and constantly closes or blacks out. constantly having to close and reopen or restart phone. Being very nice with two stars since developer hasn’t responded to paying for items without items given in return. play at own risk, it is fun, granted but be aware of purchases and glitches.

I like it. It’s a decent game. Over other games in its genre it has really good poise points. The short version: A good game , with an effort actually made by the developers to give the free players a chance against the spenders. The long version…… Pros: Yes it has a pay to win element but unlike other games where if a player sinks a load of cash they can kill everyone with ease it does try and bring balance. It has a limit on max castle size depending on age of the kingdom allowing free players to catch up a little with the guys and girls who keep the developers in work. (The spenders are important too as they allow the free players the opportunity to play) ….. examples of other good things are the equipment sets (which can be obtained for free as well as bought) only provide what I would class as a moderate boost to combat stats and they give a lot of stuff away each day for free in events and sign on bonuses. I also like that you can upgrade a troop building and train troops at the same time. Please please please do not st Cons: Its not as user friendly as a few other games, you can feel a little overwhelmed at first. But just some trial and error and eventually it does feel like everything fits right. The alliance element works ok, some minor improvement would make it really good in this area but it’s good enough is how I would describe it. I’ve given it 4 stars as it just feels almost perfect but with some areas to make minor improvements on… Overall though a really good game
  • Dear Lord; we appreciate your point of view and suggestions , we will defiantly consider all the points which to describe above, keep playing and stay connected , thank you so much.

Really additive game

The game is good controls and graphics Is also good but there are so less people in a kingdom

Love it. K18 and k19 thw allaince is the best!

A real good game I like it were you can build more than once at a time

Contact developer :


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