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Happyfeed  Happyfeed is a simple journal designed to improve your mental health by reflecting 3 good things or gratitudes each day. Research shows that keeping a gratitude journal can boost your mood by even 10% by teaching you to focus on the good things in life. Optionally share memories with a Pod to spread that joy with others! (Or choose to keep your journal 100% private )

Add photos and locations (optionally) to your posts
Daily throwback memories after your first week
Group sharing perfect for couples, friends & family
Custom prompts – reminders, quotes, and fun facts each day
Stay motivated with streaks and daily prompts
Tag your best days with an emoji
Free, unlimited journaling days forever
Fully private: only optional sharing with Pods

Explore Your Happy Memories
After your first week, you’ll be able to hop back to memories in your gratitude journal from exactly a week ago. This period grows to months and even years. Reflecting on past memories this way can help you step back and see the big picture of your self-care.

Pods: Journaling Together
Pods are private groups where you can share memories, photos, and journaling progress. You’re also able to react to shared moments by sending emojis. It’s a novel way to uplift and share joy with your friends, partner, family, or even coworkers. If you’re looking for a shared journal, that’s Pods!

Unique Reminders Daily
Every day our team writes a custom daily prompt as a reminder to focus on your mental health. This could be a quote about happiness, a fact about this day in history, or just a fun little joke to try and brighten up your day.

Happiness Jar
After two weeks, you’ll be able to view random past moments using the Happiness Jar. You can shake your phone to view new moments to make the practice more fun than just scrolling through your history. It’s the perfect self-care tool to remind you of happy moments even when you’re anxious or stressed.

Benefits of Gratitude Journaling
Keeping a gratitude journal is an effective practice that can help to reduce stress and anxiety while improving your overall happiness. Some studies have shown it can make you even 10% happier. It’s as simple as writing down 3 good things each day (or night). Especially in tough times, actively reflecting on what you are thankful for can help you refocus your thoughts on the positive. Recording what you are grateful is a proven self-care technique with proven benefits by positive psychology!

Sync On All Your Devices
We also offer a web version where you can upload and view your past moments – just check out our website after signing up. Your moments and photos are privately synced to your account so you’ll never lose them. Just another reason to be thankful!

Private & Secure
Your moments are only visible to you and never posted publicly. All cloud syncing is securely encrypted using HTTPS endpoints. Cloud storage allows us to backup your moments ensure you never lose your journal.

Your Account
An account is required in order to keep your moments safe and to allow you to view and manage them across multiple devices. If you lose your device, you won’t lose all your happy memories. You may choose to share your location to provide you with meaningful data on the places, people, and things that help you find happiness.

About Us
We designed Happyfeed to be a simple way to be grateful each day and build a happy feed of all the best moments in your life. Each feature in Happyfeed is intended to follow best-practices from positive psychology research – so your time is well spent. It’s a simple habit that can make a real, positive change on your mood and become a more mindful person.

Happyfeed user reviews :

Its a nice journal and very helpful in keeping memories,but i wish we can be given more than 3slots and I also wish the app has ability to add multiple pictures.

This is a brilliant app. A concept that so simple With results that you could be paying hundreds for in Therapy … It. Really. Works!
  • HappyFeed Inc.
  • So glad to hear you’ve found that much value from the app! It’s amazing how simple habits like gratitude can compound to really make a difference in your life
I love the UI, the hints and the app overall. But, I am concerned about losing data. There should be a feature for cloud backup or a feature to export data. Is it possible to get that feature in near future? Post developer’s reply: It is great to know that all data is backed up and accessible even if I change my device.
  • HappyFeed Inc.
  • Thank you for the review and that’s a very valid concern. All your data is backed up to your account and accessible if you change devices or even use the web version (happyfeed.co/dashboard) but we are also planning to add a feature for data exporting hopefully soon!
I just got this app but it seems perfect so far! I love the simplicity and little things like that you can shut off the prompts as I’m not someone who likes prompts at all. However one thing, I can’t see any way to back up my entries to google drive or something like that..? I’m hesitant to use it every day if I could easily lose everything if I lose or change phones. I hope there’s a backup option I’m not seeing, otherwise wonderful app!! Edit: oh that’s perfect, rating changed to 5 stars
  • HappyFeed Inc.
  • Thank you so much and it’s great to hear options like the prompts are helpful! All of your posts in Happyfeed are synced and backed up in the cloud – so they would be accessible if you lost your phone, or just wanted to log in with another device. We are working on an export option too though, in case you want to download all your memories.

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