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Heroism  This is an Action RPG with some clicker game elements.

This game let’s you play either as an active RPG, or as an idle game. The idle gameplay is still being worked on, but it’s playable.

Explore the world, brave dangerous dungeons, gather Heroism, build a party, find precious items, go up levels, learn skills, unlock upgrades, and kill lots and lots of monsters.

This game looks like a Roguelike, but there is no permadeath. Actually, there is no punishment for death at all, other than a short pause, where you may consider your life choices and spend your precious death points.

Ads: This games doesn’t have ANY annoying popup ads. All ads are ‘Reward Video’ ads, where you choose to watch the ad to get a bonus. 100% optional.

IAP: There’s currently only one thing you can spend real money on in this game. That purchase makes it so that you can get the ad bonuses without watching the ads. It also makes it so that you have total control of which bonuses are active – and they just stay enabled until you choose different bonuses.

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Heroism user reviews :

Absolutely GREAT game ! I spent hours looking for some casual RPG with abit of retro feeling and fun quick yet not too boring gameplay. And this was the perfect combination ! I was wary of the auto idle mode at first but turned out it was just as great Be it 2 minutes or 2 hours opening the game feels so fun, with a progression super satisfying with full game customization. I sometimes even leave the game open while working and just watching the party progressing. Thank you for this experience

This is the most awesome idle game I’ve ever played. Loads of skills and characters, an an addictive loop. Everything you want in an incremental game. You can even take direct control of your character! Love it.

A good dungeon crawl. The amount of customization options is impressive. Also, the detailed stat window let’s you see how you’ll fare against monsters as adjusted by their level, which removes the guesswork from stat allocation. Worth the price of a sandwich.

Very good game, was confusing to start out, because no tutorial but it makes it more enjoyable when discover things. This has alot of potential and look forward to seeing it develop.

So far, an entertaining game. Simple-looking at first, and even plays so, but there’s enough content to keep you going. I already bought myself the No Ads pack less than half-an-hour into the game!

the idle function eventually just makes it a game of waiting instead of playing. I liked cleaning the dungeons, but once you get far enough it just takes so much time to do ANYTHING that you are totally reliant on the idle function to make any real progress. New skills feel great at first, but best bet is leaving that to idle as well. At a certain point it became opening the app long enough to equip new gear and then closing it for idle to do its thing again. Sad, because it had potential

Your games deserve far more recognition than they currently get. Many many hours of play and fun. Adverts offer meaningful rewards unlike almost every other free to play game on the market …. Though personally I would rather you charge a premium of say £2 for the game with no adverts. A reasonable price that anyone can afford for the billions of android users. This game provides more fun and time invested than many so called AAA games. Looking forward to your next installment.

Gameplay is fairly fun and straight forward, once you figure out what you’re supposed to do. There is no tutorial for this game, they just drop you right in. The game is pretty simple though so not hard to figure out. This game lost a star, almost 2 honestly, because of the music. It seems the devs just got a bunch of free RPG songs and slapped them in. There is no rhyme or reason as to why a song plays and the moods of the song can change in an instant.

A simple enough game that will reward you for sticking with it. It’s part roguelike and part idle game, and quite fun. I’ve spent several hours building up my team and watching them grow into either physical juggernauts or projectile spam. There’s plenty of customization for your characters and eventually they can master all of their abilities so you don’t have to worry about picking and choosing. I’m looking forward to seeing how the (at the time of this review) new Prestige system develops.

Never have it on idle. Good, simple controls. It’s good for quick sessions. I like the bigger dungeons and the bosses. It got a little old after opening the second wall. It felt a little grindy, just do more of the same. Not too bad though. Still a good game. The chicken king helped spice it up for a while. He’s cool.

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