Hurry – Countdown to the big days in your life

[App] Hurry – Countdown to Birthday/Vacation (& Widgets)

Hurry  Hurry is a tiny app for big moments.

Countdown the days, minutes and seconds for any upcoming event. A party, holiday or an upcoming concert? Sorted. Mark off the days until Christmas? Hurry will keep you pumped with optional notifications/widgets and refreshing new gifs. Hurry contains all sizes of widgets with variations to suit your home screen. Share an event with your friends/family so they can join in on the excitement too. You can repeated events and events straight from your calendar.

Countdown to the big days in your life
Add events from your calendar
Repeated events (e.g. every 3rd Friday of the month)
Share events with your friends
Widgets to fit every home screen
Backup & sync between devices
Discover events near you
More GIFs than you’ll ever need
Perfect for weddings, concerts, films, holidays, vacations, flights, birthdays and more!

Hurry user reviews :

A really great looking and functional app.

Helpful time management app with a great ui/ux

It’s really good, no seriously. It is really good

Searched so many and found finally

Very thoughtfully designed app – the author should be proud of not just how good it looks, but how well it flows together! A lot of countdown apps beat you over the head with ads, or make the app nearly non-functional without a purchase; not this one. It works very well out of the box, but the add-ons might actually be worth spending a few bucks on. Overall well done!

After testing 17 similar apps this week, I decided to keep two and do longer testing. This was initially my 2d choice, however, after much more hands on, it’s now #1. Great UI, simple, colorful, functional. Although I’ve read other reviews that discuss how to place a event widget on the homescreen, I haven’t figured that one out yet. Would love to know.

It’s very good, I love everything about this app. It is complete and exceeds my expectations, if I could I would give it more than 5 stars, it is highly recommended and there are no annoying ads.

Love it. Thank you guys. Keep up the great work

This is the third app from Sam that I have purchased. All his apps are a joy to use, showing exceptional consideration to users and how they interact with technology.

The widget doesn’t seem to update very well, it said 55 days earlier today, but the app said 53, now the widget says 54, and the app still says 53. Edit: I turned off battery optimization on the app, hopefully that fixes it, I’ll assume the app also rounds up the days based on the hours aswell. I had to do this with buzzkill too, so you should add something that tells you to disable it, since it kind of makes/breaks the app. You should also add features for root, this could be done by the app.

It’s an OK app but unless it’s in small mode you get count down in days despite setting it to months or weeks so I’d give it 7/10 but definitely not the worst I have seen.

BEST countdown app by far! Private, non invasive, beautiful and unique design at THE BEST price w no subs bs. This Dev absolutely rocks … ALL his apps are gold

Does everything I want it to do, mostly birthdays. I’m so happy with it I’m thinking of buying the pro version and use it for other reminders and count downs as well. Very well done, thank you.

Good, but could be improved. The main limitation is that it only allows one unit of measure in the widget for the countdown (either days, weeks, months, or years) and rounds to the nearest whole number. No combination of those units, and nothing smaller than a day. It either needs to allow decimals (ie: 25.3 days), or have the ability to have combination of hours and another unit (or any two units the user selects).

This app cannot be found when searching for keyword “day count” or “countdown”. It making it harder to find it. I already used it before, and when I want to reinstall I have to search longer through playstore as I did not remember the app’s name.

Great app, beautiful design, and great developer who is very quick to respond to bugs and feedback! Been using it for a while, haven’t really had any problems (other than one bug which was fixed within a day!) ** Settings for Discover page would be very nice! I allowed calendar and location permissions, but the events from nearby aren’t my thing, so I’d like to take them off but I can’t find an option for it.
  • Sam Ruston
  • Just published an update to fix this, 21.4. It should be available in the next future hours. Sorry about that!

I’m a big fan. I’m surprised there aren’t more apps like this. I’m a university student using this app to budget my time more efficiently by monitoring how much time I have left before assignment deadlines. I put my assignments in my google calendar and then sync it with hurry to get the countdown. To the developer: Can you please add an option for minute and maybe even seconds counting to the persistent notifications and to the widgets? It would make my life so much easier.

Use this app daily and has been a life saver trying to remember all the online subscriptions. I have dropped a star because the notes section has stopped working on my mobile. When I try to write a note, the next word deletes the previous word. I tried changing to stock keyboard but it still happens. Edit: promoted to 5* thanks to the developer fixing the notes.

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