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Idle GOG  Idle GOG is an exploration game that will take you to the other side of the magical world.

When the spell was cast, Heroes rose and slaughtered all the demons. Enter the fantasy world and turn into a world savior! Complete the stages and conquer the valley of darkness to gain super power.

All Heroes united and explored the Abyss – Heroes rose and destined to win. When strangers come, the lost world will open!

A group of low level heroes summons Super Hero – Keep training and become an Advance Hero, summon Elite Hero. Lead the mightiest team to the temple!

Various gameplay, no longer boring – Genie Lamp, Eternal Abyss, Zodiac, Boss Challenge. Change as you wish, combine popular Heroes.

Cultivate unique strategies to improve battle power – Hero formation, attribute matching, and hidden strength! Formulate the pre-war strategy for a brilliant counter attack!

Get idle rewards easily – Auto-battle when idle, AFK gets lots of rewards! Online for 5 minutes a day to get free bonuses!

Idle GOG user reviews :

This is a very fun game. I originally downloaded it to get a (pandemic friendly) break from my busy work and school schedule. I did not think I’d enjoy it as much as I do, but I’ve played everyday since lol. You can be f2p or p2p. Keep in mind, this game is fairly new, so the bugs are still being worked out. The devs and mods are very responsive, understanding, and try their best to eradicate issues. 10/10 would recommend this game.

The Game itself is great but there are lot of problems; Its buggy, it sometimes fails to connect an account and if it does connect, it just doesnt work very well like it sometimes exits from my account itself, and sometimes it doesn’t even open that I think its about the servers but thats not that important. I will play the game a bit more and rewiev other problems such as these. (theres no room left for writing more so I will probably delete some of unimportant problems/write more imp ones)
  • Gamewinner
  • Hi, sorry to hear you’ve been experiencing some connection issues. Please contact us on Facebook Page (IDLE GOG) and share as much information as you can. We will definitely investigate your case. Thank you for posting!
I love this game so much that I’ve tried many defferent servers hoping the bugs work out. I can’t get into the zodiac instance and a cpl others also. It freezes up SO much. And lags. I am constantly having to restart the game. I wish you would fix these issues so i can change my rating back to 5 stars
  • Gamewinner
  • Hi, sorry to hear you’ve been experiencing some crash issues. Please contact us on Facebook Page (IDLE GOG) and share as much information as you can. We will definitely investigate your case. Thank you for posting!
Not connecting 2 days in a row. And I see that there were abnormal amount of positive evaluations per day which I believe is a fake. It cannot be that usually you get 5-10 and then one day 50 and all 5 stars. And I do agree with most of negative evaluations. Giving more than 1 just because of nice graphic. And uninstall.
  • Gamewinner
  • We see that you gave us 2 stars. We would like to know if you’re having any problem with the game? If you have any suggestion to help us improve, please let us know.

I was happily surprised of the game, beautiful graphics and also good storylines that are interesting to follow. This game can really occupy my whole day and I still have things I need to grind. So far I dont find it to be a big gap between people paying or not. But you definitely have to put in the effort to compensate. But not impossible. I would suggest the Dev team to make a forum so we can build a community and help the Devs more. Great start

It’s an awesome game usually gatcha like games cap you with energy has good looking graphics there’s no hard paywall stopping you from progressing only problem I’ve had so far are the large leaps in power the AI has and very well optimized AI teams making it hard for players who aren’t getting so lucky with the hero draws to actually beat them

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