Memes Wars – Play with friends and other players around the world

[Game] Memes Wars

Memes Wars  Open world, do what you want

It’s a multiplayer game, play with friends and other players around the world
More than 30 cars, tanks, motorcycles, helicopters
Inventory with hundreds of objects
Different maps
3 modes in multiplayer: Teamfight, Dogfight, Sandbox
No limits, it’s a real sandbox game, have fun!

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Memes Wars user reviews :

I think the game is pretty fun but the games list needs to be fixed, the way it updates the list is just irritating it’s so glitchy you’ll be about to join a match when suddenly the list jerks and that match has been replaced with one you dont want to join, and there should be a way to search for matches by match name or something.

Its a very fun game with a lot of cool features and i love how you can create your own meme and you can custimize it and there are a lot of cool cars and a lot of weapons and stuff but i have one complaint sometimes when you throw a grenade it can glitch out and kill you.

The reason why I’m only giving it 4 stars is because it doesn’t have enough enemies a lot of people very mad at that What is a good game also can you make things much more cheaper people get mad at 2

This is a great game but on zombie town2 you only fight robots and werewolves and also make unlimited monster putting like on chicken gun and bring the giant zombie and the normal zombie back so we do not have to just fight robots and werewolves and add more weapons and add the skeleton back and this will make the game better and also I am a veteran to this game

I love this game but there are so many hackers and in the office map people spawn earth and trap you overall its a very good game

Add the cactus back and also make harder mobs to fight cuz it feels like they all have the same health but other than that its the best game ever

It’s a good game but I need something like an autoshoot button because every time I shoot I miss so obviously please add an autoshoot button

It is a best game but by more improvement it converts into world’s best online game. My name is Harsh and l advice you go and make it Best to very best game . Best of luck

I love the game I really support it. And maybe can you fix the motorcycles please it’s so shakey

I can’t got faster exp good guns good game new laser im coming to buy it but everyone rate 5 stars NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh and now the bullets is now

Nice game but plz add more planes and heli and more maps Thank you

I love this but…. i need u to add this to the Game Add a save button so i don’t have to do over again

Im just a little kid looking for a game to play and this game is just great easy calming yeah all that kinda stuff

Make this game look like memes wars 2 graphics and new weapons and add: Moldovaball and more memes, hats, Skin wraps, backblings, custom memeball, Gift Coins, RTX on, Fortnite rip off, get hands and better shoes, and add the old stuff back from 11 years ago.

So cool game tho i can speed run but why the noobs are hacker but i like it so much

This game doesn’t have enough memes. Why did you even name it meme wars? You should add some meme skins in a new update. And you should add a new update where you can aim with all the weapons, ( the only weapons you can aim with are rifles. ), Make it so that if you try kick someone out of a server you have to type down the reason you kicked them out, make it so you can choose your team to prevent friendly fire, make it so when you are flying in an airplane you can aim the gun and drop bombs.

Pls add a reason when you get kick it will show you what you did pls add that Edit: I will Uninstall this game if you dont remove hacker because there ruining the new player experience and add a ban button where you ban a player,it cant rejoin to the server

This game is sow cool I can build and create monster but never do that because their will attack you but you can kill you whit your gun and you can buy cars and plane to attack your ennemy whit the rock

This game is great there are guns and pets and other things idk why people say it’s a sandbox game I think it’s more like a pvp game and sometimes when match ends and you still didn’t respawn your screen will have a wierd and terrible glitch if true game devaloper fix this glitch I might rate it 5 stars

An a good game but still , it has some glitches and some work should be done. The game is perfect , it is funny.

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