Middle Earth Heroes – A dark force is awakening

[Game]  Middle Earth Heroes

Middle Earth Heroes  On the far edge of the continent, a dark force is awakening.

Demon King Hashim led various dark forces to wage war with mankind. In a few years, half of the mainland’s civilization was swallowed by darkness.
Mage Michel successfully obtained the light stone after passing the trial of the gods, which has the effect of sealing the power of darkness. Michel decomposed the light stone into 4 amulets, and gave them to 4 young heroes respectively. The young heroes gained different light powers and started the conquest of Hashim.

4 hero class,12 change type
a). Warrior: Melee class possessing major physical attack, defense and stamina. Class can be changed into Berserker, Knight and Swordsman.
b). Archer: Class with the furthest attack range. His precision marksmanship and agility make him a nightmare for his foes. Class can be changed into Marksman, Ranger and Rogue.
c). Mage :Ranged class with AoE damage and destructive power. Class can be changed into Firewaker, Icedriver and Thunderwaker.
d). Summoner: Controls phantom beasts in battle by signing spiritual pacts with them. Class can be changed into Vampire, Deathmage and Beastmaster.
300+ skills and ability
Exclusive talent tree
52 suits, 320 gears, free combination.
RogueLike action game
Hundreds of well designed monsters and boss
Offline playing

Middle Earth Heroes user reviews :

It’s been like 3 months. Still have not fixed the major lag problem. It’s not my phone I’ve tried it on my friends phone too. Same problem. Seriously wish some one else would make this game and maybe they can do better.
  • Revontulet Soft Inc
  • Hi Sir, Thanks for feedback! We will try to improve the lag issue in next update. Could you give us a better rating if you like this App? Thanks!
Like this game a lot. Problems make it loose one star. Vampire has no mana bar, don’t know when I can use my ultimate. Double tapping for ultimate makes me miss fire a bunch, dedicated button preferred. Needs description of upgrades when you are picking them, maybe description pop up when tap holding on an item. Also, have no idea what the three bars below the vampires health bar do. Edit: the mana bar is the ring around the thumb control, thought it would be a bar under the heath bar.
  • Revontulet Soft Inc
  • Hi Dan, Mana bar is the outside ring of scroll bar. Can’t you see it? It is a bug if so.
Game zone too small, anoing flashing screen on switch levels – why not to make continues game?. Very same with other games in same genre…
  • Revontulet Soft Inc
  • Hi Levon, Thanks for comments! Hero’s position is changed immediately from top to bottom of the screen. We have to add a fade effect to make it feel more smooth. Could you give us a better rating if you like this game? Thanks!

Really great game, but it could use somethings like better descriptions for upgrades and a way to view the info in the pause menu

I have been playing for 3 months now, impossible to earn legendary gold token, without it you can’t buy legendary weapons.

The game has a lot of potential, different classes so you won’t get bored. Plus the armors actually reflect on the appearance of the characters. It’s a bit hard to get items and the chests are mixed with materials rather than just equipment. I would love to see more details about skills, like pet combo, I have no idea what it does. Also what happens when the 3 bars of the summoner gets filled.
  • Revontulet Soft Inc
  • Hi Francis, Thanks for feedback! Your opinion is very important. We will keep improve game balance. This game is released one month time. We will try our best to make it more balanced. Please give us a better rating if you like it. Thanks again!
I have been liking this game a lot and wanted to give it five stars but it only gets 4 stars due to the fact that the recent update introducing the “sacred peaks” stage needs tweeking, the bosses are very buggy, they have messed up telegraphs for there attacks and will often hit when they should not have or they will get damage on you when you have long since avoided as if they were lagging and hitting you “where you were before” before moving out of the way.
  • Revontulet Soft Inc
  • HI Matt, Thanks for feedback! Sorry for new chapter bugs. We will test and fix ASAP. Could you tell us which boss you met the buy? Comment here or send a email to changzhi2009[atgmail.com. Thank you very much!

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