Minimal Dungeon RPG – Your survival depends on how well you wield a weapon

[Game] Minimal Dungeon RPG

Minimal Dungeon RPG  Deep in the valley of Casa, you emerge in a dazzling light.

The monsters feel something inside you; they fear it and want to kill you. But, who are you? You just know that your very survival depends on how well you wield a weapon.

You’re about to experience the essence of your favorite RPGs presented in a simplified, minimalist way perfect for mobile play. Quests, monsters, NPCs, treasure chests and plenty of surprises await! Explore dungeons, loot anything not nailed down and do some gathering and fishing, right before taking down a nightmarish boss. If you dare.

Rediscover the joy of classic RPGs in a brand new format.

Game features:

Epic dungeons filled with loot and monstrous… monsters.
Equipment out the wazoo to make you invincible! (NB: equipment not guaranteed to make you invincible)
Progress! The next level is just around the corner. Then the next one. And another!
A fascinating, rich story. Who the heck is Claude!?
Challenging and rewarding gameplay, full of monsters to find… and slay.

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Minimal Dungeon RPG user reviews :

Been playing for a couple of days. Engaging but easy to put down. The story could use some work and I’d like to see the garden idea expanded on. There does seem to be some issues with damage scaling but I believe that will be fine-tuned later. But all in all its a nifty little dungeon crawler. 5/5.

This is a fun RPG/tap game that manages to almost perfectly fuse both game types. It’s deceptively simple and soesnt take itself too seriously, which actually helps. The ads in the game are actual optional parts of the gameplay, which I found really clever. I’m glad I gave this one a chance!

Strangely addictive. Akin to a text-based RPG with minimal graphics but manages to hold my attention. I wish there were an easier way to compare items and it would be nice to upgrade tools (less clicks to clear spaces). Buy otherwise a nice addition to my games library.

Everything about this game is pretty solid. No bugs really. Ads are only if you wanna watch em, which is great. Simple mindless fun. Only real downside is the story is slow and hard to digest in the small snipets you get at the beginning of each chapter. Still, good job though!

I’ve been playing this for a few days and I love it. It’s very simple, easy to learn, and doesn’t seem to have any paywalls or anything so far. The subscription could be cheaper or just a one time thing for only removing ads and nothing else each month, but it’s still fun without it.

I really enjoy the minimalist game. It’s fun and interesting. Perfect for on the go because you’re not forced to watch any ads. ads are optional and unlock additional treasure spots.

All of the people saying the no ads price is high like you watch maybe 4 ads to unlock tiles a stage and I’m on stage 7 or so with no automatic ads in sight it’s all manual so you can choose not to watch ads if you want. They are just haters that don’t care about the game in any form

Simple, straightforward and engaging. I hope the story becomes more intense and interesting as I progress. I appreciate that the ads are optional to watch.

So far I enjoy this game. The real-time HP regen is neat and adds a level of strategy to fighting. But the prolific use so far of pay to win/get treasures kinda sucks. I am still in the early game though so we shall see.

If you need a palate cleanser from everything you’ve been playing, try this. It is a simple time spender. Fun to play.

Super fun and simple game play. Unintrusive optional ads. Overall I have enjoyed the game and look forward to keep playing

I am really enjoying the game but the only reason I’m giving it four stars is I have spent some money to get gem but I never received the gems. Which was slightly annoying.

Fun , easy to get into. I only just started the game so I can’t say much. however the storyline is great

So far, so good. Fun little game in the vein of the old Nekogames “Parameters” game, plus exploration

Super fun game, haven’t stopped playing it since I got it and it has great pacing. Kudos to the developers

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