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Mitrasphere  A world where a massive sea blankets the skies: Mitrasphere.


Interact and team up with players from across the world as you embark on your new path. Chat, create private rooms, and socialize with a variety of animated emotes and voiced lines to heighten the fun.


Overcome difficult bosses in real-time combat with your friends and others. Coordinate your raids, polish your tactics, and plan well. Plenty of exciting challenges await!


Freely switch between five classes as you wish. Your character can take on any role at any time, including Guardian, Swordsman, Cleric, Archer, and Mage.


Customize your character’s appearance from every piece of equipment to their voice. Change outfits to what fits your current mood and acquire fun costumes. Dozens of voice overs to choose from, from classics such as ‘Mysterious’ to fun tropes like ‘Tsundere.’


Two worlds exist, straddling the ocean sky from below and above. Golden crystals rain down from an enormous tree floating in the ocean above. The miraculous power these crystals possess alter the lives of everyone and everything. Those the crystals fall upon meet one of two fates: a life of endless riches, or inimitable suffering.

These crystals were hence named “Mitra,” a name that ushers forth both hope and misfortune.

This is a tale of a village whose residents are petrified as they gradually mutate into trees; of a girl enslaved, whose words none can understand; of a warrior from a ruined country, who lost both pride and limb; and of strangers from another world, whose preordained future spells doom for the land.

When the determined choose to rise against their fate, a compass will show them the way.

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Mitrasphere user reviews :

Absolutely best Co-op game for Android! You can play every stage together, from the very start. It’s amazing. Events mostly doable for new players too except the hardest zone, but you still get the full armors, without them. The best thing, everyone play as much they want, because no stamina system! Thanks to this, very good for couples if they want some game. There is private room and chat too. Developers, you did a very good job, thank you for thinking of the co-op fans! Would give 10 stars!
  • Crunchyroll Games, LLC
  • Hey there! Thank you for the awesome review! Thank you for playing our game!

Really like the game. It’s really fun and love the equipment and battle system. However it disconnects during coop and the game resets to title screen. Now currently I can’t log in bc of that error :/ (ps prays for guy characters hitting on us options)

It’s a great multiplayer experience with cute cosmetics and no stamina limit. You can auto but there’s harder co-op content as well. I’d love to give 5 stars for the gameplay but the gacha is awful. You pull mainly for weapons, which are also your skills. Some skills are core to your job so you really want certain ones. Gacha pools are so big that you have about a 0.01% chance or lower of pulling a given item in legendary tier, after the 10% legendary rate. New items are mixed in with all the old gacha pools, so it gets more diluted over time, and they’re all mixed job. You can’t really play all jobs efficiently without spending tons of money so you want to focus. The pity system allows you to select a single item from the newest set, but requires you to make 32 pulls of 10, which is about $780 USD. They give you crystals for less than half a single pull a day, and you get maybe 2 pulls of 10 per week from new events. You get 5 free daily pulls, but they are from a specific pool that does not include the newest items. They’ve released a lot of new content but the community isn’t big enough to support it so you sit in rooms waiting for a full group for 10+ minutes sometimes. Please try it out if a cute RPG grind sounds fun, but re-roll your character til you get decent free gacha pulls so you can actually play your desired job well without feeling pay-walled.
  • Crunchyroll Games, LLC
  • Hi! Thanks for sharing all of your concerns regarding the game! We’re sorry these aspects affected your experience with the game! You can share your suggestions on the improvements you’d like to see in the game via
I will change my review once this new update allows me to update. I am stuck. I select play ..takes me to the game. The game tells me to update. It’s a repeating cycle. I don’t want to have e to Uninstaller the game to download an update. Who do you have doing your coding? Find someone else please. Oh my god!!!
  • Crunchyroll Games, LLC
  • Hey there, daretodream2k7! Thank you for contacting us! We’re sorry about the updating trouble, please contact us via so we can help you. Thank you for playing Mitrasphere!

It’s charming and I’m having a lot of fun trying to figure out which class to play. I think it’s going to depend on which class I can get some good gear for and what feels most comfortable playstyle-wise for me.

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