Monster Shooter World – Explore the galaxy and eliminate enemies

[Game] Monster Shooter World

Monster Shooter World  Set out together with your trusty companions on a space odyssey!

You will discover many new worlds with a variety of landscapes: from bountiful green jungles to the scorched surface of Mars, and many other worlds with diverse flora and fauna!

Usually, in games you end up being locked up in rooms with monsters. Here, however, the monsters are locked up in a room with you…

Explore the galaxy and eliminate enemies in the newest action-RPG adventure. Discover new planets and world, lay new paths across unique star systems, use the newest weapons and equipment, and annihilate all those who try to stop you!


You need to be a truly experienced and skilled warrior to make it through the hordes of enemies. The dynamic flow of the game will force you to use your fighting reflexes to their maximum, simultaneously putting your strategic thinking to a test. This space fighting-RPG game will keep you on your toes every second of the gameplay!


Earn rewards in the battle to upgrade your weapons, ammunition, defenses, and trusty companion drones. Throughout the game, you will be able to unlock dozens of skills, which will improve your fighting abilities and make your weapons more powerful.
The shooting game allows improving the firepower of the bullets, cartridges, and drones! Earn rewards to upgrade your weapons, ammunition, and equipment. Upgraded armor, equipment, and drones will unlock new passive skills!


Ground, aerial and stationary – the game boasts more than 100 types of enemies, each of which you’ll need to fight in face to face battles! Mean monsters equipped with unique abilities await you in every world. They have strong defenses and powerful weapons. Collect resources to develop your character as quickly as possible!


Private chat allows allies to communicate directly with each other when grouped in a team
Chat with players from across the world
Assemble teams of true warriors and prove that you are a veritable Hero!
IMPORTANT! Although Monster Shooter World is a free 3D game, you can get some of the in-game items faster than you would in normal battles by purchasing them for real currency. If you do not need this function, please turn off in-game purchases on your device. Also please note that in accordance with the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy you must be at least 13 years old in order to install and play Monster Shooter World.
A stable internet connection will be required.


More than 300 unique locations: the world is very diverse and each attempt to complete the adventure will differ from the previous one.
More than 100 unique enemies, monsters and bosses!
You hero has many different statistics, which you will be able to improve with the help of bountiful loot!
Dozens of randomized abilities suitable for fighting battles in any worlds.
Beautiful worlds with unusual enemies and devilish traps that will test your agility, skill, and wit. Every battle won will earn you fame and the resources dropped by your enemies!
Simple and convenient ways of playing together in groups: assemble a team of best Heroes and take first places!
Unique fighting space RPG with elements of a strategy game!
High quality bright 3D graphics!
Simple controls perfect for playing the game with just one hand!

Unique worlds on your mobile device!
Come up with a strategy, learn new skills, upgrade your weapons and robots, make new friends, and soon space will seem as familiar as you back pocket!

Download the game and start playing for free right now!

Monster Shooter World user reviews :

App is half-assed. Characters sometimes shoot randomly not at enemies. Heros strength seems to vary across the same levels, played multiple times. Hero’s bullets get stopped on walls that they are nowhere close to. Cannot change weapons among characters. Enemy bullets “hit” hero when they actually dont. 2 stars at best.
  • YRD Aurora Games
  • Hello jonathan! We are sorry that our game is not so good for you. If you have any suggestions how we can make our game more attractive and convenient for you, please contact us via support[at] We would like to hear your thoughts and suggestions!
I like the art style. Maybe it’s quite hard but i find it more interesting like this. At least it’s not super impossible. I had fun tbh. Thanks dev !
  • YRD Aurora Games
  • Hello Ikmal! Thanks for your review! Have a nice game! If you have any questions about the game, please contact us via support[at]
it’s a fun game. pretty challenging. it gives you more chances to earn combat experience after you beat a boss. it could use more combat experience chances though. but I’m only getting started in the gane, so maybe it’ll give more benefits the further I progress in the game.
  • YRD Aurora Games
  • Hello Kenan ! Thanks for your review! Have a nice game! If you have any questions about the game, please contact us via support[at]
Too early to spend money. Basic things don’t work, coop mode is always a bot (obvious because of the movement), functionality on clans doesn’t work, requesting cards, chat function is delayed by approximately 8 minutes. Happily spend money once the obvious issues have been resolved
  • YRD Aurora Games
  • Hello Arthur ! Please contact us through our support channel (Settings – Support or via support[at] and describe your problem with more details. We will be happy to help you!
Addictive game but there is a bug with the coop mode.Even though the bot has died but it still move while lying on the ground.Kinda funny but it mess with the gameplay.
  • YRD Aurora Games
  • Hello muhammad! Please contact us through our support channel (Settings – Support or via support[at] and describe your problem with more details. We will be happy to help you!

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