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[Game] My Billionaire Girlfriend

My Billionaire Girlfriend  You’re caught after a desperate attempt to steal some cash and find yourself sentenced to… being a beautiful billionaire’s personal butler?


Homeless and alone, after a series of unfortunate events that have pretty much been the trajectory of your life, it’s finally time for you to find your own. Except, yet another tragedy promptly places itself in your way – and now, you, a penniless high-schooler, are suddenly burdened with a massive debt. It seems like you’ll never catch a break, despite your sincerity. And out of desperation, you commit a drastic act.

But kindness and generosity prevail, and the compelling girl you encountered takes you under her wing. You’re now a butler in her huge mansion, and are privy to luxuries you couldn’t even have imagined. You’re constantly in awe of her generosity and beauty, and her two endearing companions, the maid and the bodyguard, both equally beautiful, make you feel like you’re in some sort of dream.

Things aren’t necessarily smooth, though. Threat of debt looms over you, and the three girls find themselves opening up to you. As your relationships get more complicated, and you start to fall in love, you find that you’re unable to extricate yourself from one of the worst situations yet…



“It might seem like I have everything one could want, but something is lacking, and I can’t quite figure out what.”

One of the richest and youngest girls in your city, there was a time when you couldn’t even have dreamed of being in the same street as her. She’s fun, cheeky, and adventurous – she’s never going to say no to a challenge. But now that you’re in close quarters with her, and you discover her insecurities, will you be there for her?


“I know people call me a doormat, but really, it makes me happy to see a smile on everyone’s face.“

As the best friend and maid of one of the most dynamic and influential personalities in the city, she often gets sidelined and ignored. But what people often fail to see is a deeply passionate and lively girl, with a heart of gold, and an unmatched kindness. Will you be the one to finally get her out of her shell?


“I may intimidate you, and I don’t show my vulnerable side, but it’s the price I have to pay to be who I am.”

A martial arts expert at a young age, she’s both talented and beautiful. Yet, she hides herself from others, partially by choice, and partially by compulsion. Her responsibilities, however, can end up being a burden, one that she may not be ready to face. Will you help her learn that it’s okay to make mistakes?

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My Billionaire Girlfriend user reviews :

Beautiful storyline and interesting characters. The ending was spectacular. Only drawback is the ruby system but once you find ways to earn point its just perfect. Not to mention the time it takes to earn points just makes you more excited. Perfect game.

Great story loved the characters and whole grinding diamonds was a bit tedious just play YouTube and just spam on the slot machine!

This game would be a fine experience a IF it wasnt for the gems. My issue is that the amount of gems you have to spend vs how many coins you can get via the slot machine is tedious to say the least. I have no issue that some choices need in game currency, but the way you can aquire it is not fun at all. If the developers change the minigame from a slot machine to something more involved with a player in control, this game would be a 4 star game, but how this(and many others) are, they are not.

I wish I could give it 5 stars but the way you have to have story tickets to continue is quite annoying to me and you also have to wait a few hours to get just 1 ticket to continue which in my opinion kinda sucks and I also don’t necessarily have a problem with the gems system it’s just that the way to obtain the gems Is very annoying and bad because the you have to obtain them by the minigame and you have to use a considerable amount of points to get atleast 5 or 1 gem is terrible.

I actually love it… even though there’s this ruby thingy system and the mini game which gives you only a little amount of, what was it again? exchange coins? I don’t dislike it but I also don’t like the idea… but overall, the story, the music, characters… it’s all great, such a wonderful and heartwarming game, a story that I really love, it was hard to choose choices but I can still play it again, I really love the game, deserves 5 stars… great job developers. salute…

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