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[Game] My Restaurant Empire – Decorating Story

My Restaurant Empire  Welcome to the adventure of building a great Restaurant Empire, the newest top 3D cooking game of the time-management game series in 2020.

Grown out of the Rising Super Chef series downloaded by millions of players, My Restaurant Empire is an evolution of cooking games. Play fun cooking game levels and renovate to get restaurants back to business in the town with your gift of cooking game and management skills as a hero chef. Cook & serve delicious meals as fast as you can, win prizes to renovate the house, design new furniture, and decorate the restaurant. Dive into the cooking craze, feel the cooking madness as a master chef, find grandpa’s cooking diary, dash from restaurant to restaurant, beat every challenging level in the cooking adventure, design new restaurant decor, follow the story and meet fun people, win love and friendship, build a dream restaurant empire.

3D Game Play
Exiquisite designed 3D characters and scenes.
Hundreds of tasty foods and recipes in the cooking diary.
A high-performance rendering engine brings you more realistic cooking game experience than 2D cooking games.
3D charaters play fun story plots.
Decorate the food truck, restaurants and gardens with a variety of furnitures in a flexible way, that you can build an exclusive thriving restaurant city of your own.

Cook & Serve in a variety of settings
Hundreds of fast-paced time-management levels with a variety of cooking game modes.
Scramble to feed the feverish customers.
Endless extremely fast levels in the challenge mode.
Play online funny quizzes everyday and share with friends to win more stars.

Play a hero chef
Start from a food truck, figure out what happened to the town and people, try to fix the restaurants and relationships.
Get cooking fever in the cooking game levels and earn big tips to renovate and decorate restaurants.
Heal the relationships between the loved ones, see what future can you bring to the town.

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My Restaurant Empire user reviews :

Game started great, really had fun playing, when you get to a certain level, or stops you going further as now you have to pay for points to go further. Thats not how its supposed to be. One is supposed to enjoy the game without spending money. Even when using both hands and working as fast as possibly one can. It kicks you out to purchase stars to get ahead.
  • Mini Stone Games – Chef & Restaurant Cooking Games
  • Very sorry for any poor experience, some levels are difficult, please upgrade the kitchen wares and food as requested, use your both hands to cook as fast as you can, also make them in advance
This game were so very challenging and amaxing, I liked how the story to be told. But somehow the there has a level that really hard to reach and succeed, because the time are faster and the customer were so many. Sometimes I got hopeless.. Then the outfit or accessories of the main character were so expensive.. Can not afford .. But i enjoying this game..
  • Mini Stone Games – Chef & Restaurant Cooking Games
  • Very sorry for any poor experience, we will try our best to do better
Fun, but gets super hard (fast) quickly… I’m afraid I’m going to have to u install cause I can’t clear my level. At least not without shelling out some cash. Fun if you’re quick enough. Good luck! Addition: took the advice of the super nice support folks and didn’t give up. It took several times of playing over several days so I could save up diamonds and cash using their challenges to earn this money for free. I was finally able to move up in levels, and have so far had success. 3 1/2☆
  • Mini Stone Games – Chef & Restaurant Cooking Games
  • Thanks, hope you can enjoy much fun with game
The game is great up until you get into the upper hundreds. At that point you can’t through mosy levels without using a power up of some sort for extra time. I can only play 2 – 3 levels a day at the most and I don’t have the money to buy jewels. You literally can’t get through some levels in the time frame they give you, so it forces you to use power ups. Really disappointed. Going to delete if this isn’t fixed soon.
  • Mini Stone Games – Chef & Restaurant Cooking Games
  • We’re very sorry, some levels are difficult, if you have upgraded the kitchen wares or food as requested, there isn’t impossible to pass, please try again, maybe pass it next time

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