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[App] Nox Ocean – Cherish every moment

Nox Ocean  Nox Ocean is an interesting app to improve the focus.

By keeping focus and accumulating focus time, it can build a wonderful underwater world, and has fun playing methods such as Focus Achievements and Deep Focus to help people improve the time and efficiency of focus and make focus simple and interesting.

Product Features

Concentration timing: Customize the focus time to help you quickly enter a high-efficiency state;
Focus feedback: When goals are completed, the underwater city will be built, making the focus no longer boring;
Multiple focus modes: Meet multiple efficiency needs of different groups;
Focus Achievements: Achieve multiple focus goals gradually, say goodbye to procrastination and move towards self-discipline;
Professional data analysis: With scientific and comprehensive understanding of your focus state, self-improvement is at hand;
Exquisite design: Flat interface style, user-friendly interactive design, and simple operation;
Fast update feedback: Fast iteration based on user demand;

They are using NoxOcean

Stressful students: With daily cultivation of the habit of focus, try to enter the “flow” mode;
People preparing for exams: Enter the state of study quickly, force self to farewell and quit mobile;
Self-improvement: You can study outside of the work to make yourself more powerful;
Distressed people with weak concentration: Establish excellent concentration habits gradually and rise self-discipline;
Aspiring young people who want to achieve their goals / skills: scientific Pomodoro setting, 10,000 hours of training is not a dream.

In any case, as long as you have the need to focus, regardless of your current self-control and willpower, NoxOcean will help you painlessly build focus habits, enjoy fun of focus, and cherish your every moment.

Opinions and suggestions

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Nox Ocean user reviews :

I totally love this app , with cute and simple interface it helps me with my productivity also I love that they have a huge collection of calming sounds which really helps to focus and they update it regularly ! But I wish there can be more colour options for various tags as we can add unlimited tags but the colour options are limited so I hope we can have more colour options to choose from and if we can write a bit more than 250 words in the notes around 500 words then will be perfect

The features of this app were all to my liking. The idea of building underwater buildings is really fun and the ability to use 3 different modes of focus (the second most strict being my favourite) is very motvational and helpful in avoiding distractions. The advantage of using this app: The unique design and interface and levels of strictness of focus. It is also full of features but they are very easy to understand and access.

The app is good at tracking but feels a little unpolished while still totally usable. But the most annoying thing is it keeps the screen awake. Who wants to look at the screen when they’re trying to focus??? At least make it an option so that users can opt out if they want.

I absolutely love this app!! It helps INCREDIBLY. I adore the fact that you can make your own city of concentration and determination. Please do also add some moyouStudio Ghibli music(like music from Spirited Away, My Neighbour Totoro and Kiki’s Delivery Service) Thank you!

I love this app sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much this is the best app.. when I start to study after 10 minutes I feel like quitting but the wonderful quotes and other people studying with me encourage me The person who made this app is genius Thanks I recommend this app. I thought no app can beat forest but this app did and wayyyyyyy more than I expected

honestly, one of my favorite apps even beats forest. the interface is aesthetic and user friendly, the three variants of timers are amazing especially the forward timing. the study group feature however I find to be super inefficient. it’d be better to have the number of study rooms reduced to a few, so that it’s used to it’s maximum capacity. overall amazing, im not really bothered about the ad experience. thank you developers!

Everything is OK. Mind-blowing. I love this. It is really helpful for focusing in my study

Please please raise the focus time to 180 min. I can’t raise it further than 120 min. I am a person who likes to study in 3 hour session at a time. Without this, this app is useless to me.

Beautiful and helpful. 5stars feel less for it. Just one thing please give options to customise the main page also like if we can buy different backgrounds from Focusstore it would be great. As app has ocean like vibe I want my main focus screen to look like ocean/deep sea please bring something like this as update

This app has really helped me stay focus! So far I love using it. Definitely recommended for people that struggle to stay focused while studying!

I love this app It’s so good I loved it because it’s simple to use and it is free. Please never make any of its features premium, I have tell my friends too they also liked it

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