PortoDB Database – Lets you create databases on your phone

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PortoDB Database  This application lets you create databases on your phone.

You can backup your databases to the cloud.
You can import and export data in CSV format.
The data is stored using a relational database based on the Sqlite format.
App can only import and export CSV from and to the cloud. The default downloads folder if accessible can be used for reading CSV.
On Android 11, app no longer stores the databases in the ProtoDB folder. Instead, the databases are saved in the non accessible internal storage which may be under: Android\data\com.portofarina.portodb\files\PortoDB
Uninstalling the app, will delete all the databases and the local backups. So ensure to backup the databases to the cloud.

PortoDB Database user reviews :

Author should make changes to the App to work flawlessly in Android 11 because csv import is faulty and spoils images. One solution is that the Author can implement to import a shared database by touching the database in a file browser. Or the author can simply guide the App to use /storage/emulated/0/Android/data folder for database files. I hope scoped storage will allow the App to write there easily.

Edit: After contacting the developer all of my issues have been resolved. By using the share function and restore from other source I’m able to share the databases easily between two devices.

Simple but effective. I use it as a memory aid regarding particular categories of household products. For keeping track of things like, inventory, opinions, “Use By” dates, etc. eg, Tea Reviews: Did I like the Yorkshire tea? What does it taste like? Where did I buy it?

Very easy to use, has many great features and is completely free. I wish that I could rate this 10 stars or more.

Was using Folder Sync to automatically back up PortoDB folder. Will now have to manually backup databases. Very sad! PortoDB was perfect for my needs until this update. EDIT: cannot open Android/data/… What if i do not have a pc? Still a lot more complicated than set-and-forget. 15/10/20: can’t PortoDB ask me for permission to store the databases elsewhere (in shared storage?)?
  • PortoFarina
  • This is out of our control. Search the internet for Android scoped storage for more information on why we did this.

Thank you for this great efficient tool. It just lacks two critical functions. Calculated field , unless I’m missing something. One to many relational structure. Or pivot table structure. Appreciate what you have done. Wish to see this project grow.

Very useful app for management of lists and records. E.g. I use it for keeping track of my suitcase content and making sure I don’t forget to pack any item. Easy sorting of list items enables the user to “ask questions”.

Brilliant and highly recommended. Please add text wrapping or give an option to set column width so the column width doesn’t take a hit when long sentences are added. Looking forward to more updates

I’ve loved and depended on this app for about seven years, so much so that my Android devices have fully replaced a desktop computer. I can’t praise PortoDB’s simplicity and reliability enough. But I avoid the cloud like the plague so reading about the changes in the next app update due to Android 11 has given me a terrible knot in the pit of my stomach. Between the loss of clipboard access and other miseries in Adroid 10, and now this, I’m seriously thinking paper index cards are a way to go.
  • PortoFarina
  • The default downloads folder seems to be still accessible by the app for reading. So CSV to be imported can be placed there.

Brilliantly simple and intuitive, no unnecessary permissions. Databases held on SD* means it’s possible to sync between devices using Syncthing. [* Looks like this may no longer be the case for Android 11, which would kill it for me]. Wishes 1 that data in a related table was clickable and useable, (currently all fields bar link field are greyed-out & unusable. 2 ability to create shortcut for a Database.

super incredible! honestly, it’s so easy to use. I wanted to switch from excel because of how hard it is to search my spreadsheet for info. this app imported 2109 lines successfully and now I have it all, can search with ease. copy and pasting rows from one table to the next, needed this feature too, and it’s here. I can’t believe it!!! Thank you!!!!

SO EASY and 100% Reliable!! I cannot say enough great things about the simple and searchable and savable databases this app allows me to easily create, edit and add data to, and pull up for a quick reference in a split second on the fly!! PortoDB remains compact and efficient — with everything I need — without any bulk!! THANKS SO MUCH YOU GUYS!

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