Respect Money Power 2 – Compete for the best corners in the city

[Game] Respect Money Power 2

Respect Money Power 2  Respect. Money. Power.

Are you clever and ruthless enough to rise to the top of the criminal underworld?

Deal product and build your empire in three regions and three difficulty settings. Match wits against cartels, bikers and rival street gangs all powered by advanced AI.

Respect is a tactical game of keeping one step ahead of your enemies. You manage your soldiers, upgrade your weapons, and compete for the best corners in the city. Use spies to track down your rivals’ stash houses, and drive-bys to soften your enemies. Bolster your defenses with heavy weaponry and send your hardest soldiers to execute unexpected raids. But don’t forget to keep an eye on your own men; out on the streets, RESPECT is everything and disloyalty is your greatest enemy. If a soldier steps out of line, you need to respond. Settle disputes, promote lieutenants, throw lavish parties, track down valuable rumors, intimidate snitches and keep off the heat with crooked lawyers to protect your crew.

Don’t let the retro style fool you; RESPECT is an unforgiving simulation of life on the street, dealing product and making tough decisions.

Three difficulty settings provide additional challenge as you work your way up to Original Gangsta

Playable Cities include: 1980’s Baltimore, 2010’s Albuquerque and unlockable 1920s Chicago and 1990s Los Angeles.

This game is ad-free, offline, turn-based, and optimized to the smallest file size, making it the least annoying game available on the app store.

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Respect Money Power 2 user reviews :

It’s a really good game. But there should be like a customization mode. For example if you choose to play in Chicago instead of going up against other mafia family’s you can choose the gangs you go up against. Cartel, boston mob or bikers. Or just get 4 biker gangs to go to war with each other. Also more guns. Or if not let us customize the guns we get. Like you can buy a scope or an extend magazine for your AK an it will increase your edge. Obviously they’ll be extremely expensive to buy.

Fun game with simple controls but a nice depth to it. Would be better with more customisation but overall a decent game.

Would be a 5 star but the game respect needs some work why do they tell bandits where your stash at and after they get mad and leave because you can’t pay them

hard but extremly fun I only had one problem and that was when I bought a car and did a drive by the car dosent exit Can you make it possable to make truces and guns selling possable in the near future?

Can you add new hairstyles and more guns and body armor and I want to be where you can make your own armor and everything please do that thus my favorite game

Love the game but can you guys please update it & improve on it this game has so much potential it could become as big as bit life if you guys put in the work.

The best strategy game I’ve ever played and is severely under rated.

Please We can Custom The game , like making a 1v1 opponent or changing the name of the gang we have.

So far pretty cool not to Hard on regular but exciting to see what’s next

Pretty fun strategic game with a gang theme. I like the storylines that make each character a little more believable, especially the court cases. Only been playing for awhile, but the only thing I can think of would be to train your crew somehow, but I think they grow on their own depending on the situation.

Suprisingly fun little strategy game. Do your deals, avoid the fuzz and protect your turf (and your stash)! Drive-by your rivals and have it all! RespectMoneyPower

It’s a fun game but has absolutely no replay value. Changing locations and decades that the game takes place in makes no difference when it’s the same plot.

Found a bug when 2 gangs attack your stash spot they fight each other and the winner gets your loot. The enemy’s economy is a bit to strong on the hardest difficulty. Essentially they are cheating for added difficulty. I still win but it’s obvious. I wouldn’t mind them having some weaponry buffs but the amount of recruits and lack of need to maintain happiness makes the game feel unbalanced. I mastered the 1st version of this game.

Great Game! Good job I love the developers but i wish you could have more accessibility. I mean you don’t have to buy as much stuff like you can choose from these selections of colours but you can buy to get red and blue or something like that. Or you can get one timeline free or one type of gang free. An online mode would be cool but that’s probably too hard. But great game definitely download it but try to update it more cuz I’ve never seen an update. please respond devs so I can be updated

simple and fun. i don’t know if the developers read the reviews but i have some ideas i’d like to see added. if you have a lieutenant with no respect, you can’t really get rid of him. it would be cool if you could kill him but at the risk of losing respect from other soldiers or getting more heat. also your soldiers being able to do more than deal to earn money. if they could extort, run prostitution rings whatever that earn cash but give you more heat depending on the crime or pays you slower.

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