Rise of the Roman Empire – Protect the interests of the Empire

[Game] Rise of the Roman Empire – City Builder & Strategy

Rise of the Roman Empire  And here is the new territory.

Many did not believe, they did not want to believe that here the Empire could create an outpost and survive. The history of this region is too complex, and too few heroes would like to build a frontier here to protect the interests of the Empire.

Only one hero is ready to take a chance and responsibility – it’s you!

Take control of the construction in the city, develop trade, welcome merchants from all over the world, create favorable conditions for settlers, protect the people who believe in you, explore the wild land, equip heroes for raids, control them, fight and conquer new territories. Take the fate of the whole city into your own hands. Act!

Become the governor of Caesar on the territory of the barbarians, prove your allegiance to the banners of the Emperor! Rome believes in you, do not let it down!

And if someone does not kneel before the Emperor and the Empire, they will get to know the wrath of the sword of the Roman Empire.

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Rise of the Roman Empire user reviews :

I love the Achievements , I can get free gems ,,, I hope you don’t remove that when you upgrade the game PS: My concern is that I hope we can rotate the buildings into different position.
  • Qumaron
  • Thanks for playing our game!
The game is great. good potential. also no need to grind when you can exploit making money and food. find and study the game and you shall find holes to earn fast and grow fast. one thing i dont like is when you go offline and harvest food and money the game freeze for maximum of 25 – 35 seconds. WHY? PLEASE REPAIR.. i even free 1.5gB memory but still NO NO .but if your constant online the freeze never happens.. please resolve.. but over all.. LOVE IT and Exploited.. study and grow fast.
  • Qumaron
  • Thanks for your feedback! Please, contact us and detail your issue. You can do this in the Settings in the game. Just use buttons Support or FAQ. Don’t forget to include your game ID.
Loving most elements of the game however it is a little slow as you seem to be constantly waiting for food. The one other thing that I don’t like is the longer you put a product on for the more product you lose, I would like it to be more even or even higher the other way around having been patient enough to wait for it.
  • Qumaron
  • Thanks for your feedback

Nice graphics, but gameplay is terrible. Wait. Wait more. Wait even more. And then wait still… Content is poor too, there is not much to do. Basically you play for 1 minute and then you have to wait anywhere form ten minutes to one day to be able to play 1 minute again. Or down huge amounts of real money on diamond so you can speed up things, buy missing resources etc.

This is a fun little game, that doesn’t push its monetization too hard, which is always appreciated. The one really frustrating thing is a bug with battles where after selecting my troops and setting the order I want them in, some random number of my slingers will be replaced by spearmen, and they won’t appear in the order I had set. It’s very difficult to plan tactics for battles when I don’t even know what I’ll be attacking with until the battle starts.

Good game, Ad free unless you watch them to speed up progress which is fair enough. Enjoying the latest upgrade with the battles option. The Map was slow and expensive to travel to new provinces. Agree with others that the Story Quests generally give low returns for the gold or food needed to achieve them. I’m also stuck on mine as they both relate to the map, scouting and holding peace talks, but I’ve already completed all provinces on the map. Hopefully something that can be fixed soon

The new update is Great. Now i have more fun playing it because of new Battle mode. And regarding to my last issue about the loss progress when u play offline, i don’t know if u already fix it because i always play it while online so i haven’t really try it yet to play offline without losing any progress when u play it again online. But anyway. It’s pretty interesting now and im waiting for the other features you may add. Good job.
  • Qumaron
  • Thanks for your feedback! Please fill out this form rre.kayako.com/en-us/conversation/new/44 to contact us and detail your issue. Don’t forget to include your game ID.
Good game. Shame you can’t upgrade the houses anymore but otherwise great. I’m not sure how familiar you are with Rome but it’s an interesting subject so keep researching to give it a uniquely Roman feel. More of a narrative would be good, perhaps with both internal events within the city and external events when expanding the territory. Also, a good idea would be being able to improve/upgrade Roman territories on the map.
  • Qumaron
  • Thank you for the feedback!
Nice game. Love the graphics. Just wish it was a little easier to get the supplies you need lol
  • Qumaron
  • Thanks for the feedback. We will take into account your comments on the future development of the game.

Last Update :

Thank you very much for playing our game!
This update was focused on fixing bugs and improving your gaming experience.

In this update:
Achievements have been added
Issue of goods being “”stuck”” at the ports has been fixed
Quest system has been improved
Game stability has been increased

Contact developer :


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