Rush Royale – Protect your kingdom

[Game] Rush Royale – Random PVP Tower Defense

Rush Royale  Time for a Tower Defense like no other!

In Rush Royale towers are replaced by mighty warriors and wizards!

Base defense games got serious… but are still are a lot of fun! Your heroes are the castle defense, last and best hope against a rush of enemies. Watch them rain arrows and magic missiles in a valiant struggle at horde defense!

It’s a unique combination of a turret defense and a collective card game! Just like random dice rolls decide the fate of battling armies, here you must depend on Lady Luck to win and prevail! Assemble a deck of powerful tower defense heroes!

It’s TD… but with a competitive twist! Rush against your best friends (or worst foes) – the first one to complete the castle defense wins! In a way, it is a real time PvP defense – what few TD games have!

Protect your kingdom! Clash with mighty enemies and fearsome bosses, unleash magic and steel upon your foes in battle!

Use your turret defense resources wisely – like in good base defense games, the smartest general wins!

Collect, defend and dominate! Rush Royale – Tower Defense is here!

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Rush Royale user reviews :

All in all it is a very fun game, it put a minor twist on existing TD’s which makes it stand out from all the generic ones. However I have three issues with the game. 1. Upgrading your units: the effort and time (or real money) you have to put in to gather shards and gold are not worth the minimal boost the card gets. There should be a noticeable improvement, but there really isn’t. 2. No friendslist. 3. The prices in the store are too high. The seasonpass is the only thing “kinda” worth buying.

The concept of the game is really fun. I like the different abilities of the towers and the randomness of the game play. The co op mode seems like it was rushed. The tribunal boss also needs to be nerfed. Deleting half of your board instantly, takes the fun out of the game. Maybe she could have less health. Maybe its just me but she is the only boss who ruins the game for me. Hopefully with future updates i can gove more stars. It would be cool to add friends and start clans.
  • B.V.J
  • Hi, We’ve forwarded your feedback to our developers. Thank you for taking out the time to send us your suggestions!

The game is pretty fun, similar to clash royale however luck does play a factor. My main gripe is there is no real explanation of bosses and what they do. The game is 50% luck, 25% strategy, and 25% deck selection. Luck is too big of a factor in my personal opinion but it’s a fun game despite that. Also it takes a bit long to unlock all the main features of the game (not taking about unit but guilds and such). 2 days actively playing and still not able to use all functions. Will update later

The game is fun, and has a lot of potential…however the premium pass being $11 and $15 is pretty outrageous. I’ve played a bunch of other games and the monthly passes are $5. I buy those all the time. If this one went cheaper it would crush it, unfortunately it has me worried this is just a get rich quick app then forget it sort of thing for the creators.
  • B.V.
  • Thank you for your suggestions. We will recommend them to the related department.

The games is very fun. This gets 3 stars because of the horrendous monetisation. Even to buy gems to get the best chest is a ridiculously expensive purchase. A simple example is like this: epic card cost in coins is 2000 (even if it’s hard to get lots of coins it’s still acceptable), but a legendary card jumps directly to 40000 coins. Like how the heck is that even thought? Fix the monetisation and I might be more inclined to actually buy something and give a better rating.

Pretty fun game, cool spin on tower defense. The RNG can be a little frustrating at times but not bad. You can pull legendary cards without paying which is nice. Lots of different styles to play to allow for your own style to shine through. It would seem that finding a meta is the way to go. I found myself getting slapped by a certain build, found myself using that build and in turn destroying most players. Would suggest giving it a try, build something you like and see. Its fun to pick up.

Latest Update :

We’re glad to present the new update! What’s new:

Changes in the Legendary Unit upgrading system
The Magic Lab
Changes to the ranking reset system after the season’s end
New Royal Trials
A new unique legendary unit
Many other new features and improvements!

Contact developer :


Video :

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