Ships of Glory – Take command of a variety of ships

[Game] Ships of Glory – Online Warship Combat

Ships of Glory  Ships of Glory is a free to play massively multiplayer online naval combat simulator.

Take command of a variety of ships from the including Torpedo Boats, Patrol Boats, Destroyers, Cruisers, Battleships, Dreadnoughts, Submarines, Cargo Ships & Hospital Ships.

Each ship has different attributes requiring the player vary their combat strategies to be successful. The Cargo and Hospital ships further vary game play by performing missions within the main combat arena.

Game play can be described as a never ending death match and takes place in a large open environment with islands, ports and narrow passages. There are largely no rules and whilst a tier 1 ship can be in the same arena as a tier 5 ship there is no pressure for them to engage, the tier 1 ship will generally be faster and allows the player to avoid a confrontation.
However for new players there is also an independent training arena that is limited to low tier ships.

There is also a built in friends system that allows you to team up and work together. Friends can then battle together, friendly ships appear on radar as a green blips and firing upon them is disabled. The system also allows players to send each other in game currency in reward for their help in combat.

Weapons include turrets, torpedo’s, depth charges, hedgehogs & mines and are spread amongst at present 13 ships.

Ships of Glory user reviews :

One of the best games that I found. The problem was 1. You can’t chat independently 2. The islands are close to each other. Hope that you make this game much better

OMG such a great game it is soooo good and really fun but the boats cost to much game money and could there be aircraft carriers up for grabs, that would be awesome. It’s really good to know battle strategies like crossing your enemies T!

Great game and I recommend it, but the only problem is you always disconnected from the server, because it said your connection is weak

Good game, but it never works properly. I keep getting the “ERROR” screen. Please try to fix that

Not gonna lie i like it but i made this review that there is a bug which the respwan button didnt pop up i would also like an aircraftcarrier though there is subs so is optional

This game is very fun i would rate it 5stars but the ships price is so big plz make it less cheaper then more ships plz and suggested ship is an aircraft carrier plz to make it more fun and the other ships put some anti plane gun for protection.

It’s a very great game. However it could use some Aircraft Carrier’s

Provide open chat system. Otherwise this is the Best game ever played.

The game is fairly good, but I think you should get more money for the bigger and better ships you sink. I also think the torpedoes are not fast enough, and that the”rex” (a ship in the game) should be less manuverable.

Torpedoes: I enjoy this game a lot, but I have one MAJOR PROBLEM, topredoes are rediculously op, I get hit by all the torpedos of a small torpedo boat and I’m dead, even when I’m in THE BEST ARMORED SHIP IN THE GAME. so yeah, torpedoes are op and ruin the experience.

Plz add aircraft carriers and ASW planes to the ships that do not have any ASW. Otherwise, the game is amazing.

good game but there is some problem when you enter the game it’s stop and nothing happen

the only reason i give this a 4 is that the ship prices seem to high. other than that its a great game.

This game is very cool and I like the ships but I think this game should add aircraft carriers

Amazing game I ever seen! Also please add more ships

You can add please offline battle or dont need use wifi or date please developer im supoorzing you

The updates just keep getting better and better im sure it will have 1M players no time . But , the thing that is missing is open chat but there is space issue so you should put limits in word . Anyway . You should also add ping ; example: a player ask help i say show ping : a bubble shows in map showing his area : and also add clans and voice chat if u play with friends . Love your games keep up the updates

I live this game the game is awesome the ship varsity is good and I like that there’s a training level so tiny ships don’t vs massive drenought ships if they don’t want to BUT the torpedos have a problem where it’s visible that they didn’t hit and go on by but the player still gets damage even though it didn’t hit and a lot of time when moving shots that visibly hitthe back or sometimes front of the ship aren’t registered as a hit. this game neeeeeds some fixes in that field

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