Small Town Murders – Unravel the truth

[Game] Small Town Murders – Match 3 Crime Mystery Stories

Small Town Murders  A new puzzle game from the makers of Angry Birds!

Welcome to Thornton Grove, an idyllic hamlet far from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Life is simpler here. The people are friendly, the atmosphere is laid back – but something sinister is hidden just under the surface. A recent string of bizarre crimes has broken the silence in this serene country town. It’s up to aspiring mystery writer Nora Mistry, to unravel the truth. Investigate the scene, follow leads, and narrow down the suspects to find the killer!

Every crime is a puzzle…
To get to the bottom of these mysterious crimes, it’s going to take a keen eye for detail. Play levels and use a detective’s intuition to unravel matching puzzles and uncover hidden objects in the crime scene. Find clues by solving matching puzzles – just match three or more items to clear them and finish the level. Then play detective – use the clues to interrogate suspects, and solve the mystery once and for all!

It’s a long story…
Meet friendly townspeople during your investigations, each with their own story. Team up with Deputy Shanahan, the lovable but slightly hapless sheriff’s deputy. Chat with Mrs. Musgrove, a matronly innkeeper who has lived in the area for decades and knows everyone’s dirt. Meet plenty more colorful characters over the twisting, ever-growing story! But be careful – everyone is a suspect.

In Small Town Murders:

Solve puzzles to collect hidden clues and solve the mystery!
Put your detective skills to the test in match-3 puzzles.
Match 3 or more items to clear them.
Play tons of levels!
Meet colorful townspeople.
Swap gossip for juicy leads.
Work as a detective to solve the case.
Investigate crime scenes to find clues.
Interrogate suspects to uncover the truth.
Unravel the mystery!
Enjoy the adaptive music system that reacts to the twists of the eccentric storylines

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Small Town Murders is completely free to play, but there are optional in-app purchases available.

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Small Town Murders user reviews :

This is one of the most spectacular match-3 games I have ever played. Great content Low amount of ads Awesome story Fantastic treats and events I bought a game pack and I will support this company more. Amazing job folks! Suggestion: I would add some more instructions to some levels. For example, on the level when you first use the hammer, it took me awhile to figure out I needed to click the hammer and then the fireworks.

I like this idea, solving crimes Instead of renovating houses or gardens as you progress. So I’m interrupting my unlimited plays to quickly add that I’m totally loving the new perks to the game… it all helps, giving us a chance for more moves when we’ve run out of moves is very helpful, just watch a video. Also getting a free booster for watching a video is great. Thanks heaps to the Small town murders team. We appreciate it.

Level 193 may be what gets me to stop playing the game. You get 20 moves to uncover 18 envelopes, and the closest I came after 45 minutes of playing is just 1 left. Also, when you have unlimited play or tool times, you end up wasting some of that time on the dialogue between the characters that you aren’t able to skip.

Loved the game until you get to the 3rd or 4th case then you have to play the same one 20 times before passing its down right freaking ridiculous the number of times. I just played one literally 15 times and still havent passed it. I dont expect to pass everyone the 1st time but 3 or 4 times should be enough….so either this needs to change or I’m going to quit playing and uninstall it…and dont spend your hard earned money on this cause it will just make it even harder to pass the levels!!!

Love the game, however it is quite expensive to buy anything. Also, the paper airplane booster never works, so what’s the point in giving it as a reward? And your game took money twice…done. I’m uninstalling and disputing the change Update…I sent message through game and the person that emailed me had no idea what it was about
  • Rovio Entertainment Corporation
  • Hey there Janice! Thanks for the review! Could you please send us through a support request from within the game so we can see what’s happened here? To do so, just press on the settings cog in the top right corner of the main menu and press on “Support”. Once we receive the request we’ll be able to investigate

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